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Bringing Transparency to the Multifamily Integration Ecosystem


By Team Revyse

Published 5 months ago

Updated 5 months ago

In an exciting development for the multifamily industry, Revyse, a SaaS platform dedicated to simplifying the discovery, procurement, and management of multifamily software and services, proudly announces its partnership with Propexo, a first-of-it’s-kind Integrations as a Service (IaaS) provider within the proptech ecosystem, bringing more transparency to the multifamily technology ecosystem.

This collaboration is set to enhance the way multifamily operators shop for and select vendors, offering them a seamless, efficient path to evaluating the best software solutions for their needs.

As a result of the monumental growth of the proptech landscape in recent years—spanning maintenance, renewals, fraud prevention, and more—the necessity for interconnected systems has never been more paramount. Yet, multifamily operators face significant time constraints when selecting compatible technologies. A recent survey conducted by NMHC and Real Foundations revealed that over 40% of participants identified resource limitations as the primary barrier to adopting new technology. The data partnership between Revyse and Propexo aims to mitigate these challenges by surfacing transparent data on vendor-level integrations within the Revyse Discovery marketplace, allowing multifamily operators to quickly see a vendor’s integration partners upfront, verifying critical system compatibility when shopping for new proptech solutions.

In addition to merchandising integration data, the Revyse Discovery marketplace allows operators to explore a wide range of industry-specific products and services, read verified user reviews, engage with self-guided demos, understand pricing transparently—all before picking up the phone to talk to a Sales rep. This transparency saves multifamily operators invaluable time and resources, facilitating a smoother transition to new technologies and a smoother vendor selection process.

“There are a lot of industry buzz words out there, especially around the proptech explosion.” says multifamily operator and industry advocate, Angela Flick. “When I hear things like AI, streamlined or integrations I immediately put up my guard. Understanding these functions and features are critical to protecting the overhead on both sides from a lot of pain and complexity.”

Flick emphasizes the need for transparent integration data. “Truly seamless end to end technology workflows are critical to the customer experience, the ability for the onsite teams to implement and the back end teams to support. I am so excited to see this release! This is a huge step forward in validating true integrations so as operators, we can assess what will work within our tech stack.”

The changing dynamics of B2B purchasing underscore the importance of this initiative. Today, nearly 96% of consumers conduct thorough research on potential tools before initiating contact with sales teams. By providing a rich repository of information and ensuring easy access to vital data, Revyse and Propexo are helping to empower multifamily operators to approach sales discussions with a well-informed perspective, fostering a more consultative and effective sales experience.

About Revyse

Revyse simplifies the discovery, procurement, and management of multifamily software and services. Combining forward-thinking AI with a design that puts users first, Revyse’s comprehensive platform assists multifamily industry professionals in navigating the complex landscape of proptech procurement and vendor management, supporting multifamily operators throughout the entire lifecycle–from initial vendor selection to contract renewal.

About Propexo

Propexo streamlines integrations for proptech companies connecting to property management software. Propexo’s unified API, straightforward documentation, and top-notch customer support helps companies build integrations up to 6x faster, dramatically reducing the costs of initial build and ongoing maintenance. Propexo helps proptechs and multifamily operators deliver amazing experiences that meet needs of residents and property managers alike.