Vendor management made easier.

Centralize and streamline the growing roster of vendors required to operate today’s multifamily portfolio with Revyse Vendor Intelligence.

Map and manage your tech stack and spend

With Revyse Vendor Intelligence, you get a unified view of all your third-party contracts. Collect and manage vendor details, including business, legal, and risk information. This single system helps you gain visibility into annual spend across the enterprise by resident lifecycle stage, department, region, and ownership group - even down to the location level. And, Revyse delivers insights into potential product redundancies and overlaps that you can use to optimize your tech stack and control costs.


Turn contract renewals into opportunities to save

Never miss a contract renewal date again. With Revyse Vendor Intelligence, all vendor-related tasks get scheduled and assigned so you’ll know exactly when you need to start preparing for re-negotiation, shopping for replacement solutions, or canceling a contract before auto-renewals lock you in. One click sends location disposition notices to all associated vendors making transitions a breeze. Contract renewals go from burdens to opportunities to save.

Make data-backed buying decisions

Replace products that don't integrate with your business-critical systems or satisfy your budget requirements. Powered by the Revyse Discovery Marketplace - the largest unbiased database of multifamily proptech vendors and ratings - Revyse Vendor Intelligence surfaces recommendations to help you shop confidently. Discover top-rated vendors and trending alternatives across more than 75 categories of software, hardware, agencies, professional services, materials and onsite services.


Lean on us to help whip your tech stack into shape

Our quick start onboarding team makes implementation easy and our contract concierge keeps things running smoothly post go-live. Along the way you can call upon the expertise of Revyse Stack Advisors to rightsize agreements, eliminate shadow spend, and optimize your existing tech stack to control costs.

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