Chatbots are revolutionizing the way that multifamily property managers engage with prospects and residents. These innovative tools provide fast, friendly, and accurate responses to inquiries, 24/7. With chatbots, property managers can automate routine tasks such as answering common questions and scheduling tours, freeing up their staff to focus on higher value tasks.

Improve the customer experience by providing immediate assistance via an AI-powered chatbot for property management that can chat, text and email. Answer questions unique to your properties and drive conversions using a combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

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by Zuma

Kelsey is an AI-powered virtual leasing assistant supported by a human network of leasing professionals to immediately engage, qualify, nurture, and convert your leads into leases. Our hybrid approach combined with smooth integrations into your current software, Zuma, and its AI Kelsey, provides market-leading operational efficiency with an exceptional renter experience.

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PERQ automates the renter's journey with its all-in-one marketing platform. More than just a leasing assistant and built with AI, PERQ combines strategic advertising, digital renter tools, conversational AI, and personalized automated nurture and follow up, powered by a customer data platform. We help PMCs capture more qualified leads, amp up their email marketing, achieve higher conversions, reduce their costs per lead and lease, and save time for their overburdened marketers and onsite teams.

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Your renters receive a consistent ideal experience, your success isn’t dependent on which agent responds. Our AI engages, answers, and converts prospects via email, SMS, chatbot, and voice in a quick + human-like manner. One AI platform built to work seamlessly with our CRM. Meaning — unlike when you bolt a single-point solution to your CRM — no valuable leads, preferences, or communication are lost. Scale your best performers across your company. Note: offered in conjunction with CRM.

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The Respage Chatbot uses natural language processing to chat with renters naturally in conversational English and Spanish. As the first AI-chatbot in multifamily, it has processed millions of leasing conversations and uses all that knowledge to generate more accurate, human-like responses. Plus, it's customizable!



STAN is your multifamily resident support system, available 24/7 to handle all inquiries, from account questions to amenity bookings. Whether your residents are reporting maintenance issues or booking amenities, STAN is there to take care of all the details. Plus, with STAN's intuitive interface, residents can easily book amenities like the pool, clubhouse, and elevator just by asking. So why not give your residents the support they deserve with STAN?

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Chat Service and technology specially built for multifamily owners. A tech supported leasing service with human powered expertise - we capture leads, nurture prospects, and over-deliver on customer experience. Increasing lead-to-lease ratios, and improving online property reputation. Our focus on first-touch and early-journey customer support allows onsite leasing staff to focus on what they do best, converting high-value, high-intent prospects into residents..

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MRI Leasing Chatbot helps you engage with prospects at their first moment of interest, so they choose to tour or apply to your community first. AI-powered natural language processing helps prospects get quick, helpful responses on a wide range of customizable topics. Search prompts keep leads engaged to improve conversions.

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BetterBot's multifamily automated leasing assistant uses AI lease automation to save your onsite and centralized leasing teams hundreds of hours per month. Our Customer Success team handles all the heavy lifting to collect information about your properties and build your Automated Leasing Assistant in as little as three days - with 0 training required from your leasing or marketing teams. Respond to any lead, from any source, at any time using BetterBots AI lease automation.

Union AI

by Union

Available 24 hours, Union AI enables prospects to get the answers they need to make a rental decision all without engaging a leasing agent. Prospects can schedule and tour apartments on their own time, without interacting with an agent, via self-service tools and smart home integrations.

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Meet Hayley Chat, the newest addition to Hyly.AI’s Journey AI Suite. Hayley has your teams covered 24/7, providing virtual leasing assistance and personalized engagement at all times. Customize Hayley to your brand guidelines, and stay tuned — she’ll soon be integrated with ChatGPT for even more natural conversations! With the all-in-one Journey AI Suite, you’ll have access to 20+ additional experiences, including prospect nurturing, resident marketing, tour and event management, and much more!

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Chatbot solutions?

The best multifamily chatbot solutions are designed to enhance customer service and streamline property management operations. They can handle a variety of tasks, such as answering FAQs, scheduling tours, and assisting with lead follow-ups. These chatbots are typically available 24/7 and can communicate with prospects and residents through multiple channels, including SMS text messaging and social media messaging. Some solutions even include AI technology that allows the chatbot to learn and improve its responses over time.

What should I consider when comparing Chatbots?

Look for chatbot solutions that are user-friendly and customizable to meet the specific needs of your property. Make sure the chatbot solution can integrate with your current software, marketing measurement tools, and communication channels. Different chatbots may use different methods for natural language processing and machine learning, and some may be better suited to certain types of conversations. It's important to choose a chatbot solution that is trained on data that is relevant to the multifamily industry and has been tested for accuracy and effectiveness. Additionally, some chatbots may offer customization options or the ability to add your own training data, which can be beneficial for tailoring the chatbot to your portfolio's specific needs.

How do Chatbots make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Multifamily chatbots provide 24/7 customer support, answering frequently asked questions, and even scheduling prospect tours. These chatbots can understand and respond to resident inquiries, freeing up property managers' time for more strategic tasks. Additionally, chatbots provide a consistent and positive experience for residents, improving their overall satisfaction with the rental process. By streamlining communication and providing prompt responses, multifamily chatbot solutions can help increase leasing velocity and reduce turnover.