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Email marketing has become increasingly important for multifamily operators who want to attract and retain residents. By leveraging the power of email, multifamily marketers can communicate important messages, promotions, and updates to their prospects and residents, increasing engagement and satisfaction. Email marketing solutions make it easy to create and send professional emails, automate campaigns, and track performance metrics.

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Included in Hyly.AI’s Journey AI Suite are premium, brand-friendly email and SMS automation solutions that unify and simplify the customer journey. Say goodbye to manual nurturing, price drop and availability updates, tour reminders, and more! With the all-in-one Journey AI Suite, clients save costs by consolidating vendors, maintain a consistent brand voice throughout the entire lead-to-lease-to-renewal process, delegate repetitive tasks to AI, and achieve an agile and future-proof stack!

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Learn why email is our clients' #1 digital channel. Own the renter experience and create email marketing journeys designed specifically for your business with 30 Lines Email Marketing. You’ll get automated, personalized emails where your prospect is in their leasing journey. Mobile-friendly design with your community images to nurture and convert all of your leads. Integrate and leverage your contact forms, pop-ups, CRM & other data to populate winning email journeys.

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