Food Delivery Management

Is your community overwhelmed with orders from Uber Eats and Doordash? Streamline the food delivery process in your multifamily apartment building with these food delivery management solutions. Simplify resident orders, provide automated delivery notifications, and ensure smooth and hassle-free food delivery operations, making life easier for residents and property managers alike.

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by Minnow

The leader in food delivery management solutions for multifamily, office, and university buildings. The Minnow Pickup Pod is a premium amenity that keeps residents food safe and secure while enhancing property security.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Food Delivery Management solutions?

Food Delivery Management solutions help automate food delivery management, so onsite staff can focus on maximizing tenant satisfaction and referrals. With a modern Food Delivery Management system, property managers can say goodbye to cluttered lobbies, constant delivery interruptions, and unvetted food delivery workers wandering through your property.

What should I consider when comparing Food Delivery Management solutions?

When shopping for Food Delivery Management solutions, its important to consider both the software and hardware provided by industry-specific solutions. Contactless delivery lockers, or 'pods', concentrate delivery activity in a single monitored location, so that food delivery workers aren't wandering through the community. And integrations with existing resident apps can allow for seamless resident sign-ups and ongoing management. And lastly, consider customer support and service provided by the Food Delivery Management solution provider, and understand any SLAs around onsite maintenance for the unit.

How does Food Delivery Management make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Food Delivery Management solutions are a great amenity for modern renters. They can help streamline food delivery, provide a safe and secure place for deliveries to be accepted, and can eliminate food delivery distractions so your property teams can focus on maximizing occupancy and tenant satisfaction.