Furniture Rental

Modern furniture rental solutions provide convenient and cost-effective options for multifamily property managers and residents to furnish their units. With flexible lease terms, residents can easily furnish and update their units as needed, without having to worry about logistics. Plus, with professional delivery and assembly services, property managers can save time and ensure a seamless move-in experience for their residents.

From selection to move-in, Brook Furniture Rental helps you take any space from empty to amazing—hassle-free. Use our custom tools to choose from an impressive inventory and build your own ideal space. Once you’ve picked your furniture, sit back and let us take care of the rest—assembly and set-up included.



Renting furniture from CORT can be a great option for the multifamily industry looking to provide flexible living arrangements to prospective prospects. With cost savings, flexibility, quality, and convenience, CORT can help you attract and retain residents who are looking for a more independent and flexible lifestyle. No other amenity gets more usage or provides more NOI than furniture rental.

Get an edge on the competition by staging your apartment models. Staging is a key factor in helping your prospects envision themselves living their dream in one of your apartment homes. Don’t settle for just any home staging rental furniture. At AFR, you won’t have to sacrifice style or quality to engage potential residents.

With Fernish, it’s so much more than just furniture. Meet the modern, turnkey furniture solution designed with your communities in mind. Develop custom furniture packages, access integrated design services, and increase your NOI, all within one platform. Growing your business with premium furniture & design solutions has never been so easy. From mid-century modern to rustic and industrial, Fernish offers high quality furniture and decor tailored to your residents.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Furniture Rental solutions?

Category leading multifamily furniture rental solutions offer a wide variety of high-quality furniture options to suit different styles and budgets. They provide a seamless end-to-end experience, including delivery, assembly, and pickup, saving time and hassle for residents. These solutions often feature flexible leasing options, allowing residents to rent for short or long periods as needed. With exceptional customer service and hassle-free returns, top furniture rental solutions make it easy for multifamily property managers to enhance the living experience for their residents.

What should I consider when comparing Furniture Rental solutions?

The quality of the furniture and the selection of available pieces are crucial for creating a desirable living space for residents. Additionally, the flexibility of rental terms, delivery and assembly options, and the ability to customize furniture packages to fit specific unit layouts are all important considerations. Property managers should also look for solutions that provide responsive customer service, streamlined billing and payment processes, and sustainable furniture options to support their ESG initiatives. By carefully evaluating these factors, property managers can choose the best furniture rental solution that meets their unique needs and enhances the resident experience.

How does Furniture Rental make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Residents benefit from having stylish and functional furniture in their units without the upfront costs and logistics of furnishing an entire apartment. Furniture rental solutions also allow property managers to update and refresh the furniture between residents, ensuring a consistently high-quality living experience.