Parking Management

Multifamily parking management solutions are the ultimate tools for property managers who want to keep their parking lots in tip-top shape. These solutions help multifamily professionals track and manage parking spaces, reduce unauthorized parking, and increase resident satisfaction. Whether you're managing a small apartment complex or a large portfolio, multifamily parking management solutions are a must-have for keeping your residents happy and your parking lot running smoothly.

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No guest parking? No problem. Introducing Zark Parking, a groundbreaking new service where you can affordably and temporarily lease an available parking space. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s game-changing. Let us help you boost revenue, improve resident satisfaction, and develop a whole new revenue stream - simply by leasing out unclaimed parking spots.

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Kick Hang Tags, Stickers, Visitor Slips to the curb. The permit goes digital. Resident or Visitor parking. Free, One-time or Recurring. Whatever a driver’s parking need, digital parking permits can deliver. This touch-free technology is also the safest, cleanest, easiest way to pay for parking. Touch-free? Touchdown! Contact me for more info:

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Parkade is a full-service digital parking system for multifamily buildings. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets, fobs, parking stickers and decals. Best of all, we eliminate the need for your staff to manage and enforce parking. With our system, your community will enjoy easy guest parking, short-term reservations, always-accurate records, 24/7 enforcement and more. In turn, Parkade improves security, maximizes capacity, and monetizes parking at your building—all without staff lifting a finger.

Take the hassle out of managing parking with 1VALET. Between registering guests and keeping track of occupied spots, parking management can be difficult. 1VALET makes it easy for guests to register themselves, so you can take control of guest parking at your building and save time for the things that matter.

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Parking Boss™ lets you take control & create revenue with smart parking for apartments. From self-service electronic parking registration with optional built-in payments to assigning, tracking, and verifying resident vehicles in your community, Parking Boss™ will cure your parking headaches. Our parking integrations include software integration, access control, and sensors for ultimate real-time data.

Alloy Parking is a first-to-market, smart parking solution that is built for the multifamily industry. After years of research and development, we have designed a robust application that alleviates the cumbersome parking issues most communities face day after day. You will now have visibility to which vehicles belong to which residents and take control of the safety of your communities by implementing our smart parking solution.

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