Resident Rewards

Looking for a way to show your residents some extra love? Resident rewards tools can help you do just that. These tools allow residents to connect with their neighbors and receive customized perks, such as discounts and gift cards or exclusive access to events and services. No matter which platform you choose, resident rewards tools can help you boost resident retention and satisfaction, all while strengthening your community and fostering a sense of belonging among your residents.

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Rentgrata is the ultimate multifamily lead nurturing solution that revolutionizes the renter journey with unrivaled personalization, generating highly motivated prospects, resulting in a remarkable 180% average increase in lead-to-application conversions. Our cutting-edge proprietary technology provides operators with a distinct competitive edge by uncovering genuine intents and sentiments from prospect and resident interactions. Rentgrata stands alone as the premier platform that crafts a tailor-made experience for each renter, fostering deeper connections between your prospects and community.

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Community Rewards by RealPage is resident life, rewarded. As the top resident engagement and loyalty rewards platform in the multifamily industry, Community Rewards helps marketers and property management teams to meaningfully engage with their residents, increasing retention, improving online reputation, saving on lead conversion costs and driving better operational efficiency. Residents can earn points for completing daily actions and redeem those points for rewards at their favorite brands.

Turn rent day into rewards day with Second Nature's Resident Benefits Packages. Reward on-time payments with gift cards and deals from hundreds of brands, improve renters credit through rent reporting to the major credit bureaus, and turn a list of to-dos into a done-for-you experience with services like utility set-up and HVAC filter delivery. Customize your package at Second Nature.


by Cobu

Cobu's Resident Engagement App let's you engage residents without adding to your workload. Plan events, launch raffles, connect residents, and more. When your residents are part of a community, they're more likely to renew their lease. That means you avoid paying turnover costs, remarketing costs, labor costs to tour units, and vacancy loss. Cobu's dashboard gives you property app data and unique comment sentiment, so you can see what your residents are thinking, feeling, and doing at any time.

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