For multifamily operators, surveillance technologies enhance security, deter crime, and streamline operations. Whether its high-def cameras, access control integrations, or remote guarding and monitoring, surveillance systems help residents feel safer, and property managers to operate more efficiently.

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Cloudastructure''s award-winning platform leverages your existing surveillance cameras to deliver an economical, cyber secure 21st century cloud-based video management system for enterprise businesses. With AI analytics in the cloud, enjoy a uniform view of all locations, rapid search for perpetrators, objects, or cars in seconds. Monitor surveillance data in real-time and stop crime before it happens via our exclusive integrated Remote Guarding software and services.

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Cloudastructure's seamless Remote Guarding platform pairs easily with your in-house monitoring team or ours, as well as monitoring partners across the U.S., so that you have proactive security without the high cost of on-prem guards. Trained agents review every alert detected by Cloudastructure’s AI Surveillance, check analytics, and switch to Live View. Bad actors are contacted via 110+ dB speakers and informed they are being watched, recorded, and that authorities are on their way.

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Insight LPR’s Matrix platform of advanced license plate recognition technology features low-maintenance fixed cameras and user-friendly backend software. Offering seamless integration with local law enforcement or preferred tow companies, this suite ensures 24/7 vigilance, incident resolution, and proactive security measures. Insight LPR empowers real-time monitoring, efficient visitor management, and comprehensive incident tracking.

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