Access Control

Efficient access control technologies are paramount for any multifamily property manager looking to provide a top-notch living experience. These systems control entry to the premises and shared spaces, allowing residents to feel safe and secure. By implementing access control tech, property managers can enhance operational efficiency and safeguard against unauthorized access, ensuring a seamless and worry-free living experience for all residents.

Swiftlane provides a cloud-based access control solution for smart buildings. Our user-friendly interface can be learned in just 10 minutes, making it easy for property managers to manage one or multiple properties remotely from anywhere. With a suite of features that include access control, video intercom, video surveillance, visitor and package management, Swiftlane allows for effortless property expansion and ensures a seamless user experience.

Get smarter access and safer buildings with 1VALET. Building staff and residents can unlock every door using one universal key in their 1VALET apartment app. Control of smart door locks and access control systems is centralized within our management portal, making it easy to manage the security of your buildings and saving you thousands on annual rekeying.

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by Defigo

Defigo is a cutting-edge digital intercom system that revolutionizes building access control. Designed for modern property administrators and residents, Defigo replaces traditional keys with a secure, mobile-managed solution, simplifying access while enhancing security and convenience. With Defigo, managing and entering buildings becomes simpler, safer, and smarter for all.

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by GeoKey

We're a best in class hardware agnostic mobile access solution designed to keep your properties secure, while reducing your operating costs. With Geokey you won't need managed WiFi or readers, allowing us to minimize installation costs and work with your existing systems.

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Simple, affordable, and secure access control for multifamily communities of all sizes. Open gates and amenity doors with a smartphone, and manage all your access points from one cloud-based management portal.

There’s a new way to think about your property’s doors: Universal Access Control from RemoteLock. Our ingenious software works with virtually any lock, brand or type of door, including hardwired ones. With our cloud-based model, you can log in on your laptop or from your phone to remotely lock and unlock from anywhere.

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We are the only Nationwide, On-Demand Make-Ready Turn company servicing the multifamily and single family property management industry. We provide bids within 24hrs, start work within 48hrs of approval, and complete basic turns within 5 business days. Any City. Any State. Anywhere. We can handle: -Paint -Maintenance -Cleaning -Carpet Cleaning -Tub & Tile Resurfacing -Trash-Outs

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Increase efficiency and resident satisfaction at your property with Livly, the all-in-one app for apartment management, smart access, and resident experiences. From simple digital move-ins to rent payments, package notifications, and amentiy booking, delight your residents with Livly.

Alloy Access provides access control for multifamily and commercial buildings. Alloy Access is a frictionless platform that can be utilized to protect communities and assets through the use of control panels, smart access locks and intercoms, with integrations to property management software and customer relationship platforms to keep data in one place. Combining Alloy Access with our other smart home products provides customers the ability to create a truly connected community.

Level gives you a single, seamless access management system in one easy-to-use app. Securely manage units, gates, elevators, amenities, and other access points while reliably recording the comings and goings of your community. Simplify access to community-wide spaces for staff, prospects, and visitors through a single system — no keys or fobs required.

Enable cost savings, enhance community attachment, and empower your residents with automated smart home technology. With Entrata Access Control, give your on-site staff and residents keyless entry to amenities, common rooms, and individual units, and secure your properties and save time with automation. Never again create a key card or hand out physical keys. Your property teams will have more time to focus on what matters most.

Experience the future of access control with Butterfly MX, where security meets simplicity. Say hello to hassle-free, secure, and modern access management that enhances your living or working experience, and brings peace of mind to your community. Effortlessly manage visitor access, grant or revoke permissions, and monitor entry points, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

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Providing access to buildings has never been this easy and friction-free. encompasses the entire property lifecycle, featuring +SelfTours with CRM integration and autonomous virtual key assignment driven by your Property Management System (PMS). revolutionizes MDU operations for your leasing team, operations staff, residents, and vendors.

Unlock access management superpowers with Homebase. Boost convenience for residents and staff with access you can trust. Be onsite from anywhere with Homebase digital access. Adjust access for residents in seconds and send time-bound access to prospects for secure self-guided tours. Increase security while improving efficiency with an intercom you can carry in your pocket. Set start and end times, assign doors, and monitor visitors with real-time notifications.

The Yale Accentra™ Multifamily Solution combines smart locks with intuitive cloud-based software for easy and convenient access management of multifamily properties in a single system. Access updates can be instantly applied using the mobile access app or an online updater for physical credentials. Avoid the hassles and costs that come with wiring every door or managing access with keys while making your property a more secure, convenient, and attractive place to live.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Access Control solutions?

Modern access control solutions utilize various technologies such as keycards, biometric scanning, and mobile credentials to grant access to authorized individuals while preventing unauthorized entry. These systems can also provide real-time monitoring and remote access control management capabilities, allowing property managers to quickly respond to security incidents and manage access permissions for residents, staff, and visitors.

What should I consider when comparing Access Control solutions?

Evaluate the level of security offered by the system, including features like video surveillance, keyless entry, and biometric authentication. Consider the ease of use for both residents and staff, as well as the ability to integrate with other building management systems. Additionally, it is important to consider the scalability of the solution to accommodate future growth or changes to the property and the cost and return on investment of the system should provide long-term value.

How does Access Control make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Access control solutions can help multifamily property managers create a secure and convenient way for residents to access their homes and common areas, reducing the need for physical keys and allowing for remote access. These systems can also track visitors and monitor for any unauthorized entry or suspicious activity, improving the safety and security of the property while providing peace of mind for both residents and property managers.