Electric Vehicle Charging

Installing electric vehicle charging stations not only benefits residents, but it can also attract new tenants who value sustainability and eco-friendliness. Electric vehicle charging solutions provide a cost-effective and convenient way for property managers to meet this growing demand. By offering electric vehicle charging solutions, property managers can increase tenant satisfaction, reduce carbon emissions, and even generate additional revenue.

With the fastest return on investment in the market for managed EV charging software and infrastructure, keep residents happy and multifamily operators earning a profit with EV Passport. EV Passport was built for the operator that wants to create new revenue streams and lead in ESG. Our Open APIs allow the full integration of your applications and platforms, with reliable, scalable EV charging infrastructure.

Enel X offers best-in-class EV charging for apartments. Our smart EV charging solutions employ advanced algorithms and controls to make your EV charging greener and cheaper. Get plugged into the future of sustainable charging with Enel X Way.

With demand for EVs rising, residents are increasingly asking for access to charging stations at home. Chargie makes it easy to make them happy. We handle everything from installation and billing to network management and customer care. With Chargie, you set the pricing for residents and visitors. You deside whether to make it free or generate revenue at each property in your portfolio.

EverCharge is the only fully-managed EV charging solution designed for multifamily residential communities. EverCharge provides a suite of services that help simplify the cost-analysis, deployment, and management of EV charging systems. EverCharge's SmartPower system responds to real-time vehicle demand, reducing or eliminating the need for additional electrical infrastructure.

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EVmatch is a highly customizable electric vehicle (EV) charging solution for multi-family communities. EV driving residents and staff utilize an easy-to-use app to view EV charging station availability, as well as schedule and pay for EV charging sessions. Property management teams collect payment, customize pricing and availability, manage group settings, and provide a green amenity to residents and staff members. EVmatch also allows property management companies to share their charging stations with the pubic to help offset utilities, create new revenue streams, and increase foot traffic.

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At OK2Charge, we’re on a quest to make this planet greener, cleaner and healthier, by making eco-friendly energy more accessible for electric vehicle (EV) drivers wherever they live. Integrate our OK2Charge EV Charging platform seamlessly with your property management system, and enjoy flexible pricing designed with property owners in mind. OK2Charge is the only EV platform built from the ground up with property managers and property owners in mind.

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by Xeal

The Story of X - At the most basic level, we are an EV driver app to make charging as frictionless and reliable as possible, but we wanted to be more than that. Drivers only switch to electric when chargers are readily available, which means buildings are the leading force for change. We re-engineered every variable of the EV charger equation to make chargers a no-brainer investment for buildings. Simplification & Electrification - Our goal is turning a complex industry into simple, affordable value. We innovate at the intersection of proptech, energy, and mobility to make it easy for buildings to progressively become more intelligent, rather than force an "All or nothing" mindset. Our software technology integrates across systems to effortlessly help buildings become 100% renewable and self-sufficient. Maximize Value - We’re making chargers stand on their own two feet so clean energy is truly self-sufficient. We create and maximize value with the existing resources available, the same philosophy Xeal’s culture is built on. Xeal's founders started from humble beginnings with a relentless passion to "Stop climate change without bothering people."

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Electric Vehicle Charging solutions?

Electric vehicle charging solutions typically include the installation of charging stations, network connectivity, and ongoing maintenance and support services. Solutions should be energy-efficient and offer advanced reporting and analytics to help property managers understand usage patterns and plan for future infrastructure needs. Overall, the best multifamily EV charging solutions should provide a seamless and hassle-free charging experience for residents while maximizing efficiency for property managers.

What should I consider when comparing Electric Vehicle Charging solutions?

When comparing different electric vehicle charging solutions for multifamily properties, property managers should consider factors such as the charging speed, the number of charging stations required, the installation and maintenance costs, the payment options available, and the compatibility with various types of EVs. It is important to choose a solution that meets the needs of the property and its residents while also being cost-effective and convenient to use. Additionally, property managers should consider the potential for future expansion or upgrades to the charging infrastructure.

How do Electric Vehicle Charging solutions make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

EV charging solutions enable residents who own electric vehicles to charge their cars conveniently and efficiently, without the need to travel to public charging stations or other off-site locations. EV charging solutions for multifamily are an increasingly important amenity for property managers and developers looking to attract and retain environmentally conscious residents.