Maintenance Services

Effective maintenance is crucial for the success of multifamily properties, and third party maintenance services vendors can help make the process easier and more efficient. From mobile inspections and maintenance tools that simplify the work of property managers, to photo-based inspections, task assignments, and real-time reporting, maintenance services vendors can enhance the value of a property, improve resident satisfaction, and boost the bottom line.

Claimed Listing

Access experienced remote maintenance technicians that back up your onsite team and create happier residents. Leave the tedious tickets to us! Support – 24/7/365 - Reduce On-Call Stress - Industry-Trained Technicians


by Lessen

Manage and scale your real estate business with Lessen’s end-to-end platform and best-in-class property services. Lessen enables Property Managers to overcome labor shortages, reduce overhead, scale their businesses, and benefit from our supply chain and buying power to secure project materials for faster delivery. Simply create your project requests, and Lessen Pros are dispatched to oversee your renovation, turn, or maintenance project. Lessen simplifies property services.

Resurfacing, painting & make ready made easy for multifamily, rental & commercial properties. At Perfect Surface, we understand the budget and timeline constraints of institutional Asset and Property managers and owners. Our approach to any multifamily project whether it’s a 200 unit building or a sprawling complex is balanced and targeted. Whether you need a full rehab or quick turn, we’ve got you covered.

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