Resident Financial Services

Revolutionize your multifamily residents' financial health with financial services that go beyond traditional offerings. Discover the power of multifamily fintech solutions such as positive rent reporting and alternative rent payment options that cater to the needs of your residents. Empower renters to take control of their financial future and build a positive credit history that can open doors to new opportunities.

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TheGuarantors provides specialized rental insurance products that enhance access for renters and financial security for multifamily owners and operators. With a product range including lease guarantees, security deposit replacements, renters insurance, and master policy solutions, TheGuarantors streamlines leasing and shields against financial risks, reducing your bad debt and strengthening the bottom line.

Rentistry by Foxen seamlessly enrolls your residents and transmits their rental payment history to the leading credit bureaus. Residents are incentivized to make their monthly payments on schedule. Offering rent reporting enables Residents to substantially improve their credit score and overall financial picture.

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by Flex

Get paid on time while offering more flexibility to your residents with Flex. Flex is a monthly subscription that helps residents pay rent on time and build their credit history. Flex your ESG initiatives and promote financial well-being by offering an alternative rent solution. Experience seamless integration with your existing software or payment portal, including the industry’s top platforms. Flex is a low-lift, zero-cost option to upgrade your rent payment offerings.

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CredHub's rent payment credit reporting solution automatically reports payment status to the credit bureaus each month. The result? Revenue goes up, delinquency goes down, and residents have a chance to significantly boost their credit scores. Increase rent collection and add a new revenue stream while helping renters build credit with rent payment reporting. CredHub is better than free — it’s a whole new monthly revenue stream.

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by Tackle

Tackle is full-scale platform focused on credit building, debt relief, and helping residents hit their financial goals. Residents need more than just rent payment reporting and ID protection (which we do!). Most renters have substantial debt and need help in their pay off journey. Tackles uses AI-powered coaching and matching to connect renters to high quality debt relief solutions, focus on their next financial goals, and much more. All while helping the property manager increase NOI.


by Boom

Boom provides modern embedded financial services that work on top of the property management software you already use. BoomReport is credentialed with all three credit reporting agencies and enables your residents to improve their credit by up to 105+ points.


by Circa

Make it easier for your residents to pay on-time by offering flexible payment scheduling, credit reporting, and other financial stabilizers – without giving up important fee revenue. Circa reports payment activity to the credit bureaus, helping residents build credit and encouraging on-time payment. Seamlessly integrate Circa with your existing tech stack to ensure a much improves experience. We make implementation a breeze for everyone.

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RentPlus is the premier provider of financial services in multifamily communities, leveraged by over 2 dozen of the top NMHC multifamily companies. The RentPlus suite includes positive-only rent reporting, Credit monitoring and ID Theft Protection, Financial education courses online, and budgeting tools. Rent Dynamics requires no setup fees, is already integrated with most major PMS systems, acts as the FCRA Data Furnisher, and is enterprise-ready with SOC 2 Compliance and PII Protection.

Piñata®, the reward and credit building program for renters, lets residents earn rewards, save on everyday expenses and boost their credit score, making life more rewarding, affordable and secure. Property owners and operators love Piñata® because the Piñata platform boosts your bottom line, increases revenue and attracts & retains top-tier renters.

Jetty is the financial services company for real estate. Our products are designed to improve the financial lives of renters and their property managers. Jetty Credit builds credit history—just by paying rent - reporting rent payments to all three credit bureaus each month. With support from Fannie Mae's Positive Rent Payment Reporting program or Freddie Mac’s Renter Credit Building Initiative, you may be eligible to offer Jetty Credit to your renters for free. Contact us to learn more.

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by Stake

Instant FinTech solutions for your residents, at zero additional cost to you. With Stake, smart incentives empower renters and help your properties outperform. Incentivize a wide variety of behaviors that help your bottom line and use data to select incentives that renters care about. Stake empowers your residents. Together, you outperform.

By simply living in an apartment in the Bilt Rewards Alliance, residents will enjoy exclusive perks and rewards like early access to the Bilt Mastercard, Bilt point bonuses when re-signing a lease, and more. All rewards earned through the card are funded at no cost to owners and operators. Bilt's no-hassle set-up provides residents with another option to pay rent that seamlessly integrates with your property management system.

Esusu is the only platform that creates financial stability for both properties and renters. Report on-time rent payments through Esusu to all three credit bureaus. Esusu Rent Reporting incentivizes residents to pay on time, all while helping build their credit. With Esusu's reporting dashboard, measure and report the key social impact metrics that support a stronger ESG strategy, and easily drop them into investor letters, GRESB, and other ESG disclosures.

Roost Credit boosts resident loyalty and encourages on-time rent payments while helping renters build credit history and improve their financial stability. Increase cash flow with more on-time rent payments, reduce turnover and boost your bottom line by building stronger landlord-tenant relationships. Roost Credit is provided at no cost to you and requires no property involvement.

When it comes to choosing a property, Credit Bureau data suggests that 67% of potential tenants prefer one that includes rent reporting. With Get Covered Rent Reporting, residents can access their credit scores, credit reports and credit insights through the resident portal at any time. Our rent reporting program also serves as a positive reminder for residents to pay their monthly rent on-time.

From evaluating the financial health of renters, to helping residents establish credit history with rent reporting, our expert solutions can help you every step of the way. With TransUnion’s unparalleled people data and analytics, our customers have access to the most cutting-edge information, resulting in more quality residents and the ability to make clear decisions with complete confidence. Help your residents buid their credit histories with ResidentCredit® from TransUnion.

Residents pay their rent on time, and Resident Link takes care of the rest. We report up to 24 months of past payments to major credit bureaus. Plus, residents get industry-leading credit monitoring and identity theft protection. Residents are more likely to choose a community that offers rental reporting over one that doesn’t. Plus, it motivates them to make on-time payments and helps reduce evictions.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Resident Financial Services solutions?

Financial services tools for renters, also known as fintech, typically includes features like rent reporting, credit building, and savings programs that allow residents to build credit history, save money, and access financial services that might otherwise be unavailable or difficult to obtain. These solutions can provide residents with the tools they need to thrive financially, and position the property manager as a forward-thinking operator.

What should I consider when comparing Resident FinTech solutions?

Some solutions may offer a basic rent reporting feature, while others may include additional financial tools such as rent assistance, credit building resources, or payment history tracking. Pricing can also vary, as some vendors charge a flat fee per unit, while others may charge a percentage of rent collected. Property managers should consider the needs of their residents and choose a solution that provides the most value for their specific situation.

How do Resident Financial Services make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

By leveraging financial services technologies, multifamily residents can improve their financial well-being, increase their financial stability, and access a range of products and services. These solutions can benefit both the residents and the property owners by creating a more financially stable and secure community.