Utility Management

Utility management platforms make it easy for property managers to track and manage utilities, including water, gas, and electricity usage, across their communities. With features like real-time data tracking, customizable billing options, and resident engagement tools, these solutions help property managers reduce waste and costs, increase energy efficiency, and provide a better living experience for residents.

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The Aquana Smart Valve with integrated AMI endpoint provides two-way communication between the service location and the Aquana Cloud-based apps. This IP50 rated valve offers three positions (Open, Closed, Reduced Flow) and is NSF61 certified with a lead-free brass body and stainless steel ball valve. The valve is available in commercial standard sizes. On valve configurable burst and leak detection provides flow-based detection with immediate notification and automatic shutoff capabilities.

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RealPage's full stack utility management and sustainability suite provides owners with high-quality data to enhance reporting and streamlines operators reporting to ownership groups. By automating and consolidating your utility expense management and ESG reporting, our platform provides investment grade data, ensuring accuracy and efficiency through the data lifecycle from invoice to investor.

Less hassle, more revenue. That’s the AMS Billing® difference. We put property managers in control with a best-fit utility billing solution that saves time and money. You’ll also get better data and reporting: with bi-directional integrations with major PMSs, it’s easy to get your technologies talking to each other.

Maximize utility expense recapture, accelerate property cash flow, cut expenses, and generate new ancillary revenue with ResidentUtility® from Entrata. Make it easy for residents to pay everything from rent and utilities to parking and fees in one monthly bill. Give residents the option to pay bills sooner, and distribute electronic invoices with automated notifications and payment prompts through ResidentPortal.

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Zego Utility automates the entire utility management process from accounts payable through to resident billing. Our software and services handle all utility AP and billing workflows, saving clients countless hours and helping them more proactively manage performance with enhanced portfolio-wide visibility. Learn more at https://www.gozego.com/platform/zego-utility/.

Meet all your energy management and sustainability needs with the Yardi Energy Suite. This comprehensive solution for utility billing, utility expense management, ENERGY STAR® benchmarking and full service submeter installation and maintenance is built into Yardi Voyager and backed by 24/7 live customer service

Lower utility expenses by automating cost recoveries. Spend less time on utility bills and more time on crucial tasks that require your attention. Our comprehensive billing program monitors consumption, identifies leaks, notifies responsible parties, detects invoice errors and recovers overage charges.

Experts help you choose the best energy plan for your properties, with Entrata Utility Procurement. Let us do the research while you enjoy ideal rates. If your properties are located in deregulated energy markets, we’ll help you make sure you get the best deal. Customized energy evaluations are free of cost. Shop the utility market risk free and find the best energy supplier for all your properties.

Conservice can help you reduce costs, avoid late fees, and increase recovery. Our multifamily utility management software leverages deep expertise and advanced data and analytics software to realize significant savings, without overburdening your staff. Save time, money, and resources with the nation’s #1 multifamily utility management service provider.

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Ready to streamline your multifamily portfolio? Southwest Utility Solutions' suite of tools was built to serve multifamily owners and investors by creating opportunities for increased utility revenue and efficiency. With our Smart Utility Billing + Online Payments, we make it our priority to make sure your residents are paying all that you're owed each lease with our custom solution to capturing vacancy costs and recovering lost utility costs.

Let Entrata’s team of utility experts handle your invoicing, perform audits, and provide you with actionable data. With Entrata's Utility Expense Management, route your property’s utility bills directly to Entrata. We receive and process all your utility invoices for you and upload the utility information to your accounts payable. The utility reporting suite prepares you to make decisions. From utility trends to performance ranking reports, you will know the next steps that need to be taken.

Manage your portfolio’s utility cost and consumption with a single interactive platform. Easily track costs, consumption and emissions on your dashboard. Intelligently compare buildings in your portfolio to meet your efficiency and budgetary goals. Get the tools to understand and thereby reduce your energy consumption and costs. Whether you need to compare buildings within your portfolio or understand the details of a specific meter, Yardi Pulse is your solution.

Protect against energy cost volatility and achieve budget certainty on your largest, most controllable operating expense. Secure reliable energy at competitive prices in deregulated states — for both commercial and residential portfolio types. Let Yardi’s energy contract negotiation service do all the upfront work including market research, requests for pricing, supplier bid price analysis and legal review of contracts.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Utility Management solutions?

The best multifamily utility management solutions are designed to simplify the complex world of utility billing and management. They offer a wide range of features such as submetering, billing, and analytics to help property managers track and manage energy consumption across their communities. These solutions can also allow residents to view their utility usage in real-time, providing transparency and empowering them to make more informed decisions about their energy consumption. With innovative features like automated billing and payment processing, as well as proactive maintenance alerts, property managers can save time, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

What should I consider when comparing Utility Management solutions?

When comparing utility management solutions, multifamily property managers should consider factors such as ease of implementation, accuracy of tracking and reporting, and the ability to customize and automate utility billing. Look for platforms that offer user-friendly interfaces, real-time data tracking and analysis, and integration with existing property management systems. It's also important to consider the level of customer support provided, as well as any additional features like submetering and resident engagement tools.

How does Utility Management make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Utility management solutions can help multifamily property managers track usage, avoid late fees, and reduce their energy consumption and costs.