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Welcome to the age of always-on connectivity, where multifamily properties need to provide reliable and high-speed internet and telecom services to keep up with the demands of modern living. These turnkey solutions use the latest technologies to ensure fast and secure connections for residents, as well as advanced features like smart home integration, parental controls, and guest access. Community-wide WiFi and telecom solutions help multifamily properties stay ahead of the competition.

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The Intelligent Cloud Solution for Enterprise Networking MDUs | Hospitality | K-12 Education | Public Works | and More. Controllers, Access Points, Switches, Routers. Omada Pro is our enterprise-grade product line designed to meet the high-capacity, security, and management needs of various industries. Represents the Best Reliability in Both Operations and Services. Superb Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Services. Higher Reliability for Stable Operation. Solid Brand Endorsement.

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Aerwave is a next-generation managed WiFi platform leading the transformation of the connectivity foundation in multifamily residential buildings across the United States. Aerwave provides an unparalleled customer service experience from a team of multifamily industry professionals while delivering fiber backbones to apartment homes, property management teams and amenity spaces all while keeping data secure and encrypted.

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Standardize and centralize your Wi-Fi management with the ElevenOS software platform. De-risk your Wi-Fi solution, and simplify end-user authentication. Eleven Software is the largest pure-play managed Wi-Fi software and the leader in guest and resident Wi-Fi management for over 20 years. Thousands of global businesses trust ElevenOS. Streamline your network across locations and give residents the ultimate Wi-Fi experience.

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ROVR Score reports on the performance of your communty's network infrastructure, for better accountability and transparency. Our ROVR WiFi score monitors and measures your property’s internet. The ROVR partnership empowers operators to optimize WiFi performance, solidify their network infrastructure investments and drive efficiencies with tech operations.

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by Synco

Synco is a real-time messaging platform built for property management teams. By connecting office staff, on-site workers, and third-party vendors, Synco empowers property management teams to instantly collaborate & organize conversations about property management projects, issues, and updates - without sending hundreds of emails and text messages. Founded in 2021 by multifamily and technology veterans Jason Griffith, Ross Goldenberg, Bill Evick, and John Bonds, Synco aims to connect and modernize property management teams through better, more organized communication and collaboration.

With world-class and property wide WiFi services from DojoNetworks®, your community can have better wireless internet service than its neighbors. From luxury high-rises to large garden-style communities, DojoNetworks® provides frictionless managed WiFi to residents throughout the property. When you team up with DojoNetworks®, you can rest assured that anyone living, working or simply staying in your community will enjoy a fast and easy connection to the content they care about.

Homebase provides our seamless multifamily WiFi connectivity across your entire building – with solutions for your amenity spaces, staff networks & more. Own your network with custom tiered WiFi subscriptions. Offer a tiered subscription internet service for residents managed by Homebase. You define pricing and speeds while Homebase Pay automatically collects payment, and your residents always stay connected.

Level offers one powerful WiFi solution that gives you more control, consistency, and added revenue. Simplify resident onboarding with instant access at move-in, no cable access necessary. Provide powerful bandwidth to allow residents to do anything, from gaming to streaming. Level's Care Representatives offer 24/7 support to residents and resolve 95% of all cases remotely.



Accurate, specific, and actionable residential telecom intelligence for multifamily. CCNG helps companies make the best decisions regarding what providers should be in their buildings, which services should be offered by providers, and how to ensure buildings do not become functionally obsolescent due to poor wiring infrastructure.

Whether you're planning a new development or considering smart home solutions for your existing community, SmartRent Community Wifi provides a reliable connection and better overall experience for both residents and site teams. Our Property Management System integrations make setup during move-ins and move-outs a breeze for both tenants and community staff, while generating ancillary revenue for owners.

Experience the most reliable, fastest internet service on the market. GiGstreem helps property managers provide premium Community-Wide Wifi and Individual Unit High-Speed Internet for their tenants, helping to offer the top three most wanted amenities for new multi-family home shoppers. With Community Wide-WiFi, Property Managers can offer “touchless” self-guided tours and apartment instant access for new residents, and power a host of IOT devices and smart home amenities seamlessly.

Send and receive text messages using toll-free and local numbers. RokitNow lets you communicate with your prospects via text messaging, getting them information faster. Setup automatic responses to inbound text messages based on keywords or time of day or respond to text messages via email or using our web application on your computer or smartphone.

Boost NOI, empower your team, and create more connected communities with the only property-wide WiFi solution purpose-built for apartments. Quext Connect is a high-speed fiber network specifically designed for multifamily communities. With better coverage, ultra-reliable speeds, and simple installation, Quext Connect drives ROI for your property while giving residents WiFi access from the moment they move in.

In a world of increasing compliance regulations, Abacode’s Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Provider (MCCP) approach reduces your operating cost and increases internal efficiency with the ability to outsource your cybersecurity & compliance program. Abacode works with real estate companies to identify cyber security vulnerabilities within their environment and implements strategies to shield against these threats.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best WiFi & Telecom solutions?

The best multifamily wifi and telecom solutions offer reliable, high-speed internet and phone services to keep residents connected. Key features to look for include fast internet speeds, flexible package options, and 24/7 customer support to ensure that residents stay online and productive no matter what. Some solutions even offer cutting-edge technology like smart home integrations and in-home networking, making it easier than ever for residents to stay connected and in control. By choosing the right wifi and telecom solutions, property managers can boost resident satisfaction and increase operational efficiency.

What should I consider when comparing WiFi & Telecom solutions?

When comparing community-wide wifi or telecom solutions, multifamily property managers should consider several factors to ensure they choose the best provider for their properties. They should look for solutions that offer fast and reliable internet connectivity, secure network access, and easy setup and maintenance. Property managers should also consider the provider's customer service and support, as well as any additional features like analytics and reporting tools. By choosing the right wifi solution, property managers can provide their residents with a seamless internet experience.

How do WiFi & Telecom services make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Property managers can offer high-speed, reliable internet connectivity across the entire community, from common areas to individual units. This means that residents can enjoy faster streaming, quicker downloads, and smoother online gaming experiences. With improved internet connectivity, property managers can increase resident satisfaction, attract new residents, and differentiate their communities in a crowded market.