Investment Management

Investment management software is designed to help multifamily professionals streamline their investment operations through a centralized platform. Features such as data management and investor reporting, along with tools to manage investor relations, track portfolio performance, and automate financial reporting help supercharge partner engagement.

Juniper Square is a real estate investment management software platform that provides tools for managing investment operations, fundraising, and investor reporting. With Juniper Square, users can manage investor relations, track portfolio performance, and automate financial reporting. LPs are looking for the ability to interact with their investment data, on-demand. We’ve built a secure investor portal to support all partnership engagement — from documents and reports to profile information.

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RealPage® Asset and Investment Management (AIM) is a product for portfolio equity investors and asset managers to track the performance of a portfolio of investments with transparency in property-level data. RealPage® AIM allows stakeholders to quickly combine financial results and operating metrics to help evaluate investment and asset management strategies. Efficiently monitor investments, manage risk, and quickly identify opportunities to maximize returns.

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Engrain Asset Intelligence is designed and developed specifically for asset management professionals. Asset Intelligence delivers map-based visualizations of your property performance data making it easier to identify trends, outliers, and patterns. Allow your asset managers to stop analyzing and start visualizing with this intuitive way to track property trends.

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RealPage® IMS focuses on expanding investor transparency and engagement by combining performance insights with CRM capabilities, document distribution, and a centralized location for new offerings to deliver a modern experience for real estate investment firms and syndicators as well as fund and portfolio managers. Streamline investor communications, speed capital raises, and gain insights to outmaneuver the market.

With DealCloud, the entire firm — from sourcing and origination, to LP communications, is made easy. By centralizing all of the firm’s most critical proprietary and third-party data, DealCloud enables the entire firm, including fundraising and investor relations managers, to have visibility and insight into the firm’s key activities and initiatives.

ARGUS Taliance is a robust real estate fund management solution that lets comprehensively manage the performance of real estate funds and real estate investment trusts (REITs). Easily model complex investment structures and run scenario testing to assess the impact of market or ownership changes. Calculate distribution waterfalls and create clear and detailed reports for stakeholders and investors.

Maximize returns, exceed investor expectations, and work efficiently with AppFolio Investment Management. Automatically visualize critical property management data, surface actionable insights, and enable better decision-making. Efficiently optimize your portfolio without spending hours in spreadsheets and give your business a competitive edge. The AppFolio Investor Portal connects each investor to engaging dashboard views of their positions and provides easy access to documents.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Investment Management software solutions?

Key features of the top rated investment management software tools include automated investment accounting and reporting, investor relationship management, and fundraising tools. Streamlined workflows and robust reporting and analytics capabilities are designed to help real estate investment managers scale their operations, increase efficiency, and drive better outcomes for their investors.

What should I consider when comparing Investment Management software?

When comparing investment management software for multifamily, look for a tool that can streamline the entire investment lifecycle, from fundraising to reporting. Robust analytics capabilities help managers make data-driven decisions. A tool that is user-friendly and customizable to fit the unique needs of your team can also impact the ROI of your software purchase. By choosing the right investment management software tool, multifamily professionals can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize returns for their investors.

How does Investment Management software make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Ultimately, investment management software simplifies the investment process, leading to increased efficiency, higher ROI, and a better overall experience for multifamily professionals.