Renewing leases can be time-consuming and tedious, but with the right software, multifamily property managers can streamline the process and save valuable time. The best multifamily renewal automation software simplifies the entire process, from scheduling reminders to generating lease offers. These solutions also make it easy for residents to renew their leases by providing online options and personalized offers.

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Rethink your retention strategy with Renew. Reduce vacancy loss, improve forecasting, and cut through the noise. Build long-term relationships and meet your residents where they are - or wherever they’re going. Understand how likely your residents are to renew or where they plan to move and why. Supercharge your process with Renew, and let your team focus on delivering a superior resident experience.

Make renewals easier than ever with Livly. Notify residents via the app, view responses and comments in the property hub, create internal notes to keep managers up-to-date on active tasks, and send digital gift cards to encourage renewals. Then leverage our predictive analytics to customize resident incentives and increase lease renewals with Livly’s robust software.

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