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Get real-time insights, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions with the right business intelligence (BI) and data analytics tools at your fingertips. These platforms can help multifamily professionals to analyze market trends, monitor key performance indicators, and gain operational insights. By leveraging the power of data analytics, you can make informed decisions about pricing, leasing, maintenance, and more.

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Spreadsheets and dashboards can only do so much to motivate teams. Leaderboards, awards, stories, and easy visuals make data fun and actionable. With Apartment Snapshot, leaders can focus their teams on core company objectives and aim for their personal best. The Apartment Snapshot app will bring together all your company’s KPIs from across all your platforms into one app.

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Powerful business intelligence for the multifamily industry. Smart Apartment Data helps you track performance, evaluate competitive strategies, and identify investment opportunities. Leverage our interactive dashboards and reports to filter, manipulate, and share data to analyze growth and identify risk factors.

Introducing AppFolio Alpha™. Automatically aggregate, normalize, and visualize key property data, surface actionable insights, and enable better decision-making. Asset managers use AppFolio Alpha™ to reliably streamline asset data collection from all of your property managers, instantly view and audit important KPIs across multiple portfolios at a glance. Achieve your goals with an affordable solution that eliminates the need for additional headcount.

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REBA BI offers immediate access to the multifamily industry's top data model, providing actionable BI insights. Our platform separates data collection from analysis, enabling efficient trend analysis. Centralize data from multiple systems for enhanced operational control. Customize dashboards to make smarter, quicker decisions.

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We are the think tank for real estate operators and investors to make the most of their data. Our platform solutions, innovation labs or guided advisory, transform operations by adopting machine learning with ease.

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As the multifamily industry’s premier analytics solution, RealPage Business Intelligence accelerates your profitability through increased revenue and reduced expenses. From customizable dashboards, custom reporting and foundational reports to actionable scorecards, leverage the multifamily intelligence to find the answers when you need them and how you need them to maximize your returns.

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LeaseHawk’s robust business intelligence and reporting tools help you keep a keen eye on evaluating and improving your marketing, leasing, training and employee performance. LeaseHawk makes it easier than ever for you to make decisions by serving up your most critical leasing data into easy-to-use business intelligence and reporting tools.

Predict. Prescribe. Elevate. Optimize NOI and asset value with predictive analytics and prescriptive actions to lower costs and mitigate risk. Increase revenue and reduce expenses. Designed for asset managers and operational executives, Asset IQ helps you optimize asset value and NOI with predictive analytics and prescriptive actions driven by big data and benchmarking.

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Engrain Asset Intelligence is designed and developed specifically for asset management professionals. Asset Intelligence delivers map-based visualizations of your property performance data making it easier to identify trends, outliers, and patterns. Allow your asset managers to stop analyzing and start visualizing with this intuitive way to track property trends.

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The market leading solution for real-time data, Radix Research offers aggregated submarket, MSA, state, and national information for leading multifamily indicators. With interactive maps, customizable charts, and exportable tables, users have access to a wide variety of data analytics and benchmarking tools.

Compete smarter and stay ahead of the curve with Markerr. Our advanced analytics and comprehensive insights provide a differentiated view into the potential of any property or market. With more accurate, granular insights into hyper-local trends, you can identify the right opportunities and underwrite with greater confidence. Move faster with the right tools from Markerr.


by Beekin

Beekin is the next-generation analytics platform for multifamily and single-family investors. Beekin has delivered precision, automation, and alpha for some of the smartest real estate investors, developers, lenders, and operators with its intuitive and easy-to-use platform. With Beekin, the future has arrived.

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UDP is a business intelligence platform that seamlessly unifies and standardizes diverse real estate data from various systems and platforms. UDP transforms data into actionable insights, empowering your team to enhance decision-making, optimize performance, and accelerate profitability across your entire portfolio.

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Canopy Analytics maps financial trends for onsite operations. Filter the noise out, eliminate blind spots, and see market risk coming. Instantly, and without number crunching. Satisfy residents, react quickly to market shifts, and know where to smartly deploy capital. Keep your eye on the ball with built-in operational and financial benchmarking. Sent as prioritized alerts, and refreshed instantly as facts change on the ground.

Climate Risk Analytics by CoreLogic offers a comprehensive model of the future at an unprecedented level of detail. By combining our industry-leading property data with replacement costs, valuation elements, and natural hazard information, we can build a comprehensive account of physical risk. Our proprietary climate models calculate the likelihood of what can happen and where, so you can protect your property, prepare accurate climate compliance, and lessen the impact on your bottom line.

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