Data Providers

Multifamily Data Providers allow owners, operators, and developers to understand key industry data points, helping companies invest more intelligently and figure out how to stand out in a crowded market. These Data Providers gather crucial industry data, like much rent people are paying, what's hot in the market, and how buildings are performing.

In a world of business driven by data, ALN provides comprehensive multifamily research you can trust. ALN is the largest collector of apartment data in the United States. We update property level information monthly, reporting on properties nationwide, and provide our clients with data analytics, new construction projects, histories, occupancy and rental trend reports, contact databases and locating services.

Access the latest data and insights on build-to-rent and single-family rentals with Zonda's monthly report subscriptions. Stay ahead with detailed concise and authoritative insights from our Advisory team backed by proprietary housing data. From proprietary data products to industry advisors, our real estate data intelligence products and services are here to help companies make informed decisions.

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With surging supply and new deliveries surpassing historic highs, it takes deeper analytics and reliable, human-verified data to stay ahead of the game. You can trust MRI ApartmentData to keep you ahead of the latest trends with property details, decision maker contacts, construction pipeline, and market changes on over 17,000 properties (representing 4.5M units) across 12 MSAs and six states.

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Our unified API lets you quickly & easily integrate with the leading property management systems. Save time, ship faster, & unblock revenue. offers simple, analytical market intelligence tools with high-quality property data. Our research gives you actionable information on the most current pricing trends on a floor plan basis. Plus, our construction pipeline reports help you monitor newly-opened properties, under-construction properties, and those planned to be built.

Property-based data is vital. It enables you to become more competitive in existing markets and explore expansion into new ones. With databases that cover more than 99.99% of all properties in the United States, CoreLogic provides you with insightful intelligence collected from thousands of diverse resources. Be confident in the accuracy of any data you use during your decision-making journey with CoreLogic’s property data solutions.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Data Providers?

Top-tier Data Providers collect an array of multifamily data, spanning rental rates, property characteristics, market trends, and resident preferences. These platforms offer real-time data updates, ensuring you're working with the latest and most accurate information. Ultimately, the standout platforms not only provide data but also offer actionable insights, guiding strategic decisions and enhancing your multifamily operations. And having access to historical data allows you to track trends over time, enabling better analysis and decision-making.

What should I consider when comparing Data Providers?

Consider a multifamily Data Provider that allows you to tailor reports to your specific needs, generating insights that matter most to your multifamily business. The ability to dive into specific geographic regions and submarkets by property type can provide greater analysis and insights. The best data providers also sport intuitive interfaces, making it easy for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to navigate.

How do Data Providers make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

By analyzing renters' preferences, multifamily Data Providers can provide recommendations that help owners and operators understand trends and better match the needs of today's residents. They help to transform apartment operations from a guessing game into an empowered journey where renters can confidently find the perfect home sweet home.