Market Surveys

Multifamily market survey tools are powerful resources for owners and operators, providing actionable data and insights into market trends, resident preferences, and competitive landscapes. These powerful solutions allow you to analyze and interpret data about your target market, identify trends and patterns, understand your residents' needs, and gain a competitive advantage in your local market. Tailor your marketing and leasing strategies, optimize your pricing, and enhance your resident experience.

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RealPage Market Analytics is multifamily’s unparalleled market intelligence platform, providing 100% visibility into market, business and asset performance, enabling stakeholders to view, visualize and leverage insights, information and reports at market, submarket and property levels. RealPage Market Analytics provides insights you can trust to minimize risk, maximize returns and drive growth.

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Launch surveys and seamlessly capture data on resident, tenant, employee, and investor perceptions. The link between satisfaction and renewals is undeniable, but gathering data for your properties can be challenging. Grace Hill has the comprehensive survey tools and trusted industry benchmarks you need to increase property performance and NOI. Now get more responses, faster with text message delivery!

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Maximize your revenue and stay ahead of competitors with our community market survey tool. This online weekly market survey platform collects reliable and essential market data to benchmark your property's performance and provide an accurate visual analysis of the competiton.

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HelloData uses AI to analyze multifamily rent & expense comps, recommend optimal market rents, and benchmark operating expenses. With only an address, you can underwrite an investment or identify how to optimize the performance of a portfolio property in a few seconds. offers a one-stop dashboard for competitive data. Multifamily market surveys, price analysis, submarket reports, and new construction are just a click away and can be downloaded easily for monthly management and owner reports, saving you time to source leads and close on prospects.

Optimize income and make informed decisions with on-demand market and pricing intelligence from Spherexx. Market Insights is a sophisticated, web-based software designed to compare and calculate vital apartment market research. It's ideal for corporate and on-site teams interested in saving time and improving data accuracy.

CoStar information, analytics and data-driven news helps you optimize your rents and occupancies. Our multifamily data is the most robust in the industry, presenting the most accurate, timely rents for any community. Smart, swift and profitable choices depend on having all the right information, at the right time. And with CoStar Market Analytics, you have up-to-the-minute, verified data at your fingertips, including real time, effective rent rates, which you can act on with confidence.

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Benchmark is the multifamily industry’s first shared data ecosystem of 8M+ units on platform and counting. This allows for seamless market survey information collection that is more efficient and accurate than standard methods. Benchmark does away with old industry processes for data collection and delivers information on-demand with real-time accuracy.

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Keeping up-to-date market survey data on comp can be a time consuming and frustrating exercise for multifamily professionals. With SurveySwap™ from Radix, users can see comp trend data – rents, concessions, traffic, leases, and occupancy – without needing to manually gather details or compile a spreadsheet.

Available nationwide, ALN Locator lets you search by rent range, amenities, cities, zip codes, schools and more. Stay organized with a built in calendar and reporting. Not only is ALN the largest provider of apartment data in the nation, but to ensure that the information you use is as precise as possible, we update monthly and each property has the ability to update online daily as well.

Empower your business with the same information that leading real estate investors across the U.S. rely on to make better business decisions. For multifamily, student housing, office, industrial and self storage properties, we deliver the information you need to take control of property prospecting, preliminary underwriting and asset management processes.

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