Resident Surveys

Resident engagement and survey tools are a must-have for multifamily professionals who want to measure and enhance resident satisfaction levels. These tools come packed with features such as surveys, SMS text messaging, sentiment monitoring, and analytics dashboards that help multifamily property managers gain valuable feedback from residents and identify areas for improvement. By leveraging these tools, property managers can enhance the overall resident experience and improve retention rates.

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Our comprehensive suite of solutions ensures success in resident retention, review management, online reputation, and employee satisfaction. The leading provider in employee and resident surveys and largest source for verified online renter reviews using extensive AI-driven data analysis paired with unrivaled education and custom action plans to better attract, understand, and retain customers, with proven reduction in turnover and vacancy, and increased NOI.

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The link between satisfaction and renewals is undeniable, but gathering data for your properties can be challenging. Grace Hill's survey solution, KingsleysSurveys, offers comprehensive survey tools, actionable insights, and trusted industry benchmarks for multifamily and commercial real estate organizations. Learn more at:

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Developed For Your Success, our comprehensive survey solutions provide valuable insights into prospect and resident satisfaction and employee engagement, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and drive success. Flagship Survey Program to understand the baseline of your Resident and Prospect experience: Resident Surveys Prospect Surveys Gain additional insight with our touchpoint and additional survey programs Move-in Maintenance Renewal Move-out Employee Voices

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Widewail Invite Video is the only technology on the market that automates the collection of new resident video testimonials via SMS, empowering marketers to build each communities unique brand on owned channels and saving time with a completely new way to collect resident video content. Do more with less hassle. Accelerate lease-ups with video.


by Kipsu

With Kipsu, leverage proactive resident messaging to capture rich information on questions, comments, and concerns- without adding additional work for the team. Gain key insights into resident satisfaction before they terminate their lease or leave an online review. Kipsu empowers your team to take the personalized and high-touch service they offer today through face-to-face customer interactions and extend that same service digitally.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Resident Survey solutions?

With customizable surveys, multiple survey distribution methods, automated reporting, sentiment analysis, and real-time alerts, the top resident engagement and survey platforms can help savvy operators understand resident satisfaction with ease. With these tools at their disposal, operators can identify areas for improvement, track trends, and proactively address resident concerns, ultimately leading to higher resident satisfaction and retention rates.

What should I consider when comparing Resident Engagement & Survey solutions?

When it comes to resident survey solutions for multifamily properties, you want a tool that not only collects feedback through modern channels like SMS, but also integrates with your existing systems to automate survey triggers. Look for features like customizable surveys, automated reminders, and sentiment analysis to gain valuable insights into your residents' experiences. Make sure the tool seamlessly integrates with your CRM or property management software to streamline processes and see resident data side by side. By leveraging these features, you can turn resident feedback into actionable insights and ultimately enhance the resident experience.

How do Resident Engagement Surveys make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Resident survey tools are like the crystal ball of the multifamily industry. They give property managers the ability to predict and respond to the needs and desires of their residents. By using resident survey tools, multifamily property managers can collect valuable feedback from residents and gain insights into areas that need improvement. This enables property managers to enhance the resident experience and boost satisfaction levels, which ultimately leads to increased renewals and positive reviews.