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As a specialized multifamily marketing solution, Resi is your ideal partner in amplifying your properties' online visibility. Our platform presents an adaptable and scalable choice that blends a modern, visually stunning website builder with the robust capabilities of a centralized data platform. The process of launching and updating websites, integrating crucial third-party tools, and scrutinizing your marketing performance is simplified and streamlined like never before.

Product Positioning

Resi is a comprehensive digital marketing platform designed specifically for the multifamily housing industry. From self-service to full-service, Resi's team is here to grow your online presence. With Resi, multifamily properties can embrace a modern e-commerce solution that is tailored to meet their unique needs and elevate their digital footprint.

Main Features

Beautiful real estate websites, designed to build your brand and generate quality leads.
Seamlessly integrate your content, data and systems together, like never before.
Control your content and analyze your portfolio's success with a centralized dashboard.
Demand Capture
Smarter lead generation software and a team of marketing experts.
Demand Gen
Managed SEO plans to help you rank at the top of Google.
The industry's most advanced no-code website builder.
Industries Served
Affordable Housing, BTR (Build-To-Rent), Multifamily, Senior Living, Student Housing

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Minneapolis, MN
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Heather Quijas
Director of Marketing, Subtext Living

5.0 - a month ago

Resi exceeds expectations!

What was your company’s primary use case for Resi?

Resi is creating websites for three of our brands.

What do you like most about Resi?

There are two things that really make Resi stand out from their competitors. The primary differentiator is their customer service and responsiveness. Everyone on their team has been amazing to work with and they have an almost immediate response rate. The other thing I love about Resi is that they are the only website vendor I have worked with to date that truly has an attitude of "no matter what you need, we can make it happen!" They don't nickel and dime you for every change - your website is truly ever evolving...

What could Resi do better?

Resi is already expanding their dashboard but I cant wait to see if some of our obstacles with reporting can be resolved with their dashboard option. This would be above and beyond, so this isnt fair to list as a way they could do better - but right now this is all I can think of!

Who would you recommend Resi to?

Selfishly don't want to tell anyone so that our websites continue to stand out from everyone else's, but I do brag about them a lot!

Customer support and service

They are so genuinely nice and incredibly responsive.

Value for money

While they may be more on the front end, the fact that changes can be made ongoing without charging for every interaction was a huge factor in my decision to use them.

Ease of onboarding

Easy process and the communication is open and ongoing.

Compatibility with your existing solutions

They had never worked with our property mangement software previously, but adapted in record time and are even working on solutions that our other vendors (with experience dealing with the software that we use) were not able to overcome.
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