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Marketing analytics tools are designed to help multifamily marketers gain insights into the performance of their leasing campaigns and make data-driven decisions to maximize spend. These tools can track and analyze a variety of key marketing metrics, including website traffic, lead generation, and leasing activity.

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Get qualified leads to drive up occupancy with targeted paid search, social, and remarketing campaigns from Repli. Our approach to paid media management is innovative, metric-driven, enterprise-level with a boutique touch. We understand your community, position, and operations deeply, define goals together, and ensure that your messaging is clear and actionable. Level-up your digital ads with Repli.

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Remarkably is marketing business intelligence for multifamily. Aggregate your data. Analyze channel performance and ROI. Monitor and benchmark your portfolio. Remarkably was designed for busy property marketing experts looking for a better way to measure and report on channel and source performance. To get out of tedious, error-prone spreadsheets. And to never have the dreaded ‘Property Website’ source discussion with stakeholders ever again.

Maximize marketing ROI with user-friendly analytics that give you instant visibility. Access the data you need, displayed how you need to see it. RENTCafé Marketing IQ takes the guesswork out of marketing analytics. Understand not only current vacancy and availability but also month-to-month leases and uncommitted expirations for a holistic view of your vacancy risk.

Entrata's Marketing Strategy Hub estimates how much revenue your properties can make from each lead source, so you can confidently make better marketing decisions. Easily identify which sources convert the most prospects. Evaluate and adjust your current spending to make sure your marketing dollars are being used wisely. Entrata's Marketing Strategy Hub automatically syndicates real-time property pricing to all major Internet Listing Services.


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Fiona is the only tech of its kind. She uses millions of data points to recommend personalized budgets and marketing mixes for any property in the nation. Remove the guesswork from digital marketing budgets using the power of AI from Fiona, the ultimate marketing platform for the multifamily industry.

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