CRMs are one of the most powerful pieces of technology for multifamily owners and operators, with the power to streamline leasing and make residents happy. With a centralized database for leads and resident information, you'll never lose track of a prospect lead or forget a resident's name. Plus, with features like lead scoring and automated follow-up, you'll be able to close more deals and keep your leasing team running like a well-oiled machine.

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Rent Dynamics' powerful CRM converts marketing leads into move-ins with automated lead nurturing, AI-powered call insights, and a customizable executive dashboard showcasing your most critical KPIs to ensure your funnel is moving forward. Rent Dynamic’s CRM can be implemented in under 30 days with zero startup fees, easy integrations into most tech stacks, and boasts the flexibility to align with your leasing playbook at any stage.

Gain clarity and efficiency in your leasing process with an actionable funnel for leasing agents. Benefits: Personalized & prioritized to-do lists with clear calls-to-action removes any guesswork for agents Configurable to your company’s best practices, ensuring a consistently great experience for prospects Birds-eye view for leaders into pipeline progress and to manage team performance Integrated with Lisa for smooth handoffs between your AI Leasing Assistant and your leasing agents

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EliseCRM helps companies manage properties, prospects, and team schedules. Whether you have a central leasing office or don't yet have a CRM, EliseCRM can streamline your workflow. Manage interactions, track performance, and view the entire renter funnel at a glance. With EliseCRM, your AI assistant manages 90% of all prospect interactions, while agents manage the remaining 10% more easily and effectively. CRM simplified.

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by Renew

Rethink your retention strategy with Renew. Reduce vacancy loss, improve forecasting, and cut through the noise. Build long-term relationships and meet your residents where they are - or wherever they’re going. Understand how likely your residents are to renew or where they plan to move and why. Supercharge your process with Renew, and let your team focus on delivering a superior resident experience.

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Knock's integrated suite of front office technology provides multifamily owners and operators the levers they need to effortlessly guide renters from lead to lease to retained resident. Knock CRM empowers leasing teams with tools to accelerate successful leasing and renewal outcomes, provides marketers the data to optimize spend, and ensures executives have the business intelligence and insights needed to outperform their competitors.

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With the LeaseHawk CRM, your front office leasing staff can stay on track to quickly respond to calls, texts and emails from one, easy-to-use application. Whether they’re taking walk-in leads or working from home, the LeaseHawk CRM keeps leasing agents on track to respond fast, collect guest cards and set appointments wherever they are. Direct your marketing dollars and your employee investments for maximum return while seizing every possible leasing opportunity.

Turn leads into leases, improve retention and optimize marketing performance with a truly mobile customer relationship management solution built for the multifamily industry. Serve prospects and residents on the go or at your desk using real-time data and a simple, intuitive user interface.

Manage more doors with less stress, and take your company to the next level with LeadSimple's CRM, shared inbox and workflow management software for property managers & real estate professionals. Automatically import your leads from any online marketing channel, route them to agents, and track all your activity and communications automatically in one place. Never lose another lead again with LeadSimple.

Reduce leasing staffing requirements, lower costs, accommodate renter preferences for self service, and improve renter experience measurably with Union’s Central Office. Union has enabled customers to reduce leasing agent coverage by 3 to 1 while increasing key performance metrics, like lead to resident conversion rates, by more than 50%.

ILoveLeasing's lead and lease conversion management software is the most powerful and affordable leasing tool available in the multifamily industry. Consistent, timely prospect communications through ILoveLeasing increases lease conversions by 36%. Track your best performing marketing sources down to the cost per lead. ILoveLeasing offers robust integrations with property management accounting software, revenue management software and other third-party services.

Deploy a CRM that accelerates conversions with automated prompts and intelligent insights with Entrata LeadManager™. Make sure your staff always focuses on the most promising leads. Consolidate all your guest card traffic into a centralized dashboard. Increase conversion, improve response speed, and maximize leads. Clearly understand which sources generate the most leads and which bring in the best leads. It’s easier to adjust your strategy when you know where to find ideal prospects.

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Our CRM is fundamentally different: it’s built around the renter as the source of truth, not the properties. This makes multi-property workflows instant and seamless. Through the single guest card architecture all information your teams need, no matter their location, lives in a single-view email, text, or phone call. Every lead is worked right with AI and automation-powered follow-up that is built into the CRM. We are the only CRM proven to move operators to the new flexible operating model.

Empower your leasing team with tools to nurture, track, and manage your lead flow. Our lead management platform delivers a robust solution to convert prospects into residents while reducing overall costs. Streamline the conversion process by delivering action-driven resources for new inquiries and the backend tools needed to manage and respond to every interaction.

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The Respage Smart Leasing Platform CRM is multifamily’s first platform built with an AI teammate in mind. Powered by ResMate AI leasing assistant, the Smart Leasing Platform automates 100% of prospect inquiries, produces data-driven insights like predicting resident renewal with 78% accuracy, and connects with the Respage suite of solutions to effortlessly manage social media, reputation, AI leasing, and renter relationships.

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by DashQ

Optimizing multifamily leasing with AI. DashQ centralizes all renter interactions from inquiry to renewal. Full cycle leasing and communication solutions that transform the leasing process from antiquated to enjoyable - for staff and tenants alike. DashQ's tools remove communications black holes, supercharge staff satisfaction/efficiency and provide unmatched insights into the data that management teams need to drive top and bottom line gains.

Designed for multifamily operators, Anyone Home's CRM integrates all aspects of the customer journey. Our multifamily CRM will capture all communication types while guiding your team to take the next step, optimizing performance. Whether your prospects are interested in one property or others nearby, the Anyone Home CRM guides and tracks engagement through a single leasing timeline.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best CRM solutions?

The best CRM solutions come packed with all the bells and whistles, including automated follow-ups, tour scheduling, and resident communication tools. And don't forget about customizability - you want a CRM that's tailored to your property management company's needs. With integrations with marketing platforms and PMSs, the leasing process will be as smooth as butter for both property managers and residents. Plus, with robust analytics and reporting, you'll be able to keep a pulse on your leasing process and make data-driven decisions.

What should I consider when comparing CRM solutions?

Consider your operating model (are your leasing operations centralized, or do individual agents work onsite?) and whether the CRM workflows, user-friendliness, and integration options fit your business needs. Additionally, onboarding a CRM is complex, so it's crucial to consider the vendor's customer support and implementation services to ensure that you get the most out of the CRM software. Finally, you should also factor in the total cost of ownership, including setup fees, monthly subscriptions, and any potential add-ons or customization costs.

How do CRM tools make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

By implementing a CRM solution, you can better understand the needs and preferences of your prospects and residents, increasing both your marketing effectiveness and your occupancy rates. With real-time data and analytics, CRMs will help you make data-driven decisions that improve the overall leasing experience. Plus, the right CRM solution can help you boost revenue, enhance your brand reputation, and achieve greater operational efficiency. It's a win-win for everyone.