Insurance & Deposit Programs

Alternative insurance and renters deposit solutions can help lower move-in costs for residents, streamline your leasing and resident onboarding process. Say goodbye to the hassle of security deposits and hello to a better way of doing business with alternative insurance and renters deposit solutions for multifamily properties.

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TheGuarantors provides specialized rental insurance products that enhance access for renters and financial security for multifamily owners and operators. With a product range including lease guarantees, security deposit replacements, renters insurance, and master policy solutions, TheGuarantors streamlines leasing and shields against financial risks, reducing your bad debt and strengthening the bottom line.

Lighthouse insurance is a modern alternative to the outdated cash security deposit and is paid for 100% by the tenant. Simply select your coverage, invite your tenants, and move on to your next task knowing we’ve got you covered. Sit back while we set things up for you to begin using, same-day. No more extra trust accounts, bad debt, or worrying about how to give deposits back within required time limits.

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LeaseLock is the leading insurance technology provider for rental housing. Our AI risk solution, LeaseLock ShieldTM, predicts risk and optimizes coverage for each property and portfolio. Owners and operators gain smarter loss protection while accelerating leasing and minimizing regulatory and legal risk. With over $10 billion in leases insured, LeaseLock is reshaping the way owners and operators manage financial risk while delivering significant benefits to both residents and property investors.

Reduce risk and gain peace of mind with simplified renters insurance. ResidentShield Protection Plan safeguards owner assets and provides reliable coverage to renters with ResidentShield renters insurance and ResidentShield Master Policy Program. ResidentShield Deposit issues surety bonds that meet your security deposit requirements and protect your properties.

At Get Covered, we're alleviating insurance headaches for residents and managers. Get Covered offers insurance coverage for renters that protects personal belongings, meets liability requirements and much more. Flexible policies backed by an AM Best: A rated carrier with options for pet damage, identity fraud, and theft/vandalism. We offer coverage options up to $300k liability and $100k in contents.

Entrata Total Insure is the only renter’s insurance program that offers full-service management and completely integrates with your workflows. When negligent damages happen, you don’t have to think twice about whether or not you’re covered. Total Insure provides move-in to move-out coverage with the highest level of protection. Enjoy one-step policy enrollment that fits perfectly within your leasing process, from applicant to resident.

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by Obligo

Obligo's security deposit solutions provide landlords and property managers with the ability to maintain full protection, lower their overhead, and attract qualified renters – who can choose to keep their security deposit, ​​and instead use it to save, invest, or spend. As the industry’s deposit-free integration partner of choice, Obligo can be easily embedded within your property management software.

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Ensuring that residents have renters insurance is difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Backed by our nearly 20 years of experience supporting property management professionals, PayLease is helping clients protect themselves and ease that burden. Insurance by PayLease partners with Get Covered to offer comprehensive solutions that help residents protect their belongings and property managers solve the burden of managing multifamily property insurance.

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RealPage DepositIQ replaces the upfront security deposit and lets you offer residents the option of purchasing an affordable one-time, non-refundable surety bond that guarantees lease obligations instead. Tackle bad debt, get ahead of regulatory laws and increase efficiency with RealPage's security deposit alternatives.


by Foxen

Waiver by Foxen manages every aspect of renters insurance including streamlined enrollment, compliance, billing and claims. Our proprietary backend software seamlessly integrates with leading property management systems to provide full transparency to key stakeholders and eliminate all site level responsibilities related to insurance tracking.

Provide a more affordable move-in experience by replacing deposits with low-cost deposit insurance policies with Entrata DepositInsure™. No more back-and-forth emails or API connections with third-party carriers. With DepositInsure™, you keep claims within your native system on the resident card. Just click “File a Claim.” DepositInsure™ is the ideal deposit alternative for property owners and operators.

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RiskRelease® automates renters’ liability coverage requirements while managing and overseeing all resident-provided insurance. The result is increased NOI and mitigation of uncovered losses without cost to owners or managers. The administrative burden is removed through RiskRelease’s easy-to-use portal. This solution fills gaps for property-damage events resulting from residents’ negligence. Residents utilize a simple upload process through the RiskRelease website and community managers receive.

ePremium is the gold standard in renters insurance within the apartment industry. Our expertise comes from years of experience focusing only on improving and enhancing our renters insurance program. We are the only company in the multifamily housing industry with a sole focus on renters insurance and security deposit alternative programs.


by Rhino

Rhino+ streamlines your workflow so you can manage your renters, security deposits, and protection in one place. Our security deposit insurance allows for flexible coverage, giving you the protection you need from bad debt and excessive damages. Rhino+ integrates into your PMS so you can view and manage security deposits, insurance policies, claims, properties, and invitations in one place.

Jetty is the financial services company for real estate. Our products are designed to improve the financial lives of renters and their property managers. Jetty Deposit is the deposit replacement solution that increases leasing velocity and reduces bad debt. Just like traditional cash deposits, Jetty Deposit will cover you for lost rent, damage to your units, and unpaid fees. Low-cost policies reduce the financial burden on renters and remove the need to accept and manage cash.

ResidentRadius provides operators of multifamily, student, single, and affordable housing a single stack solution to security deposit management that is integrated with 3rd party deposit alternatives and legacy cash management systems. ResidentRadius offers deposit management, eviction mitigation repayment plans, and a whole suite of centralized services to reduce operator responsibilities.


by Roost

Roost automates your cash security deposit management to reduce costs by up to 80%, stay compliant, and provide your residents with meaningful financial amenities. Outsource the repetitive, time-consuming security deposit tasks to Roost so your team can focus on revenue-generating activities instead. Save your site and accounting team time by streamlining payments, holding interest, jurisdictional compliance, and the refunds payable process.

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You may be surprised at how many residents cancel third party insurance policies after move-in. Drive toward 100% compliance with MRI Multifamily Insurance, which leverages AI and managed services to boost your NOI and save time. We manage all third party policies and monitor claims and recoveries on your behalf. Plus, residents can add insurance online through your portal and even pay for insurance with rent, reducing friction for them.

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RealPage Insurance offers turnkey resident insurance programs that reduce risk and exposure by maximizing compliance, thereby reducing “out-of-pocket expenditures” and premiums while driving ancillary revenue. Our programs are easy to implement, affordable for the resident, will improve NOI and best of all, it’s at no cost to the owner.

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Rentable is the first holistic security deposit management & automation platform. We streamline the handling of traditional cash deposits while providing residents flexible payment options at move-in.

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by Qira

Qira is a game-changing financial management platform that redefines the way property managers, owners, and operators handle their finances. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes the only cash-backed security deposit alternative on the market, fully integrated payment processing, and a convenient Pay Later service. By eliminating the need for traditional security deposits, Qira empowers residents to free up their funds and enjoy a stress-free alternative that provides property managers the same level of protection. Seamlessly integrating with various property management software gateways, Qira ensures fast, secure, and reliable transactions. With Qira's Pay Later service, renters have the flexibility to manage their cash flow and make payments on their terms, while property managers can enjoy a 100% collections rate. Experience a new era of financial freedom with Qira and embrace innovative solutions that simplify and transform the way you handle your financial flow.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best resident Insurance & Deposit Programs?

With features like low-cost coverage, simplified claims processes, and faster move-ins, alternative insurance and deposit solutions make it easier for residents to secure their apartments and for managers to streamline their operations. Security deposit insurance allows your residents to move in with just a small fee instead of a traditional deposit, and liability insurance can cover potential damages caused by residents. Customizable renters insurance programs can be offered to residents at a discounted rate, ensuring their belongings are protected while they call your community home.

What should I consider when comparing resident Insurance & Deposit Programs?

Operators should evaluate the reliability and financial stability of the provider, and compare the coverage options and pricing of each solution to ensure that they provide adequate protection for their residents and their community. The level of customer support and ease of use provided by each solution is a critical consideration, as this can greatly impact the resident experience. Mobile app accessibility or online claims processing can also help streamline the rental process and provide a more convenient experience for residents.

How do resident Insurance & Deposit Programs make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Alternative insurance and deposit solutions provide a range of benefits that make renting apartments easier and more rewarding for both property managers and residents. These solutions can help property managers reduce administrative tasks, lower vacancy rates, and increase resident satisfaction. They provide residents with affordable options to secure their homes, without having to pay a large upfront deposit.