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Identity verification and screening tools help owners and operators rest easy, knowing that they've done their due diligence to prevent fraud and liability issues at their communities. With biometric identification, document scanning, and fraud detection features, these tools make it quick and easy to verify the identities of prospective residents, ensuring that they are who they claim to be. Say goodbye to the stress of resident screening and hello to peace of mind.

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Ocrolus enables AI-powered document automation to streamline resident screening. With Ocrolus, you can quickly and accurately verify income and employment, all in one place. Ocrolus extracts key data from rental applications and other applicant-related documents, so you don't have to waste time manually entering data or chasing down missing information. Ocrolus also helps you identify potential fraud risks, so you can be confident that you're approving reliable tenants.

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Plaid Identity Verification helps residential leasing companies reduce fraud and make fast screening decisions through instant identity verification, income verification, a seamless user experience, and automated account verification for payments. Plaid delivers cutting edge anti-fraud without information overload. Identity Verification looks at hundreds of attributes for signs of fraud across existing and emerging fraud vectors.

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RealPage® AI-Screening solutions give you the tools, knowledge, and insight you need to lease with confidence while limiting risk. Using millions of multifamily lease outcomes and hundreds of millions of data points to determine specific divers of predictability, RealPage AI-Screening assesses the behavioral and financial impact of an applicant and continually learns based on that renter's outcomes.

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by Celeri

Celeri offers cutting-edge fraud prevention software that helps detect falsified income documents in seconds. 1/10 applicant submit fraudulent documents and 50% of evictions stem from these bad actors. Celeri's AI-powered detection engine identifies these cases with pinpoint accuracy, reducing bad debt, time spent, and stress for property managers.

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We help property managers boost occupancy rates and increase revenue while helping vulnerable renters find housing. How? It’s simple. You refer conditionally approved or denied applicants to us and we act as their co-signer. Our Rent Guarantee covers up to 3 months of rent for financial losses, is absolutely free for property managers, and with no contracts or commitments.

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by Snappt

Reduce bad debt and evictions by over 51% with Snappt. We’re the only solution that can screen 100% of documents provided by financial institutions and catch fraudulent documents 99.8% of the time. It’s easier than ever for tenants to alter documentation, such as pay stubs and bank statements, so they can fraudulently qualify for units. Snappt flags those fake documents, helping properties to greatly reduce costly evictions.

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AI-supported resident screening empowers multifamily owners and operators to maximize financial performance and minimize risk, without wasting time researching every hit. You can increase occupancy by accepting the right applicants that meet your property’s unique criteria. Packages are customizable and can include credit, criminal, income verification, rental history, and more.

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With VERO, operators discover the power of a streamlined workflow, purpose-built to fit any leasing objective. VERO's modular solution is easy to implement, ensuring minimal business interruption and key efficiency gains. Streamline your application process with data-driven technology, swiftly verifying IDs, income, assets, employment, and documents using our mobile-first approach.

Verify income and employement in seconds, not days. Multifamily companies can struggle to fill vacancies quickly due to the amount of manual work and time it takes to verify prospective residents’ identities and income. With Plaid Income, you can build a simiple and fast decisioning workflow that helps you verify anyone's income and employment with the most comprehensive, all-in-one product suite.

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Docuverus is the only applicant verification platform and rental application solution which can quickly and accurately verify and auto calculate income, authenticate IDs, and identify fraud - no bank or payroll logins needed. We maintain 99.98% accuracy in fraud detection.

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CheckpointID provides identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for multifamily properties. Streamline the resident screening process, reduce fraud and liability, and improve the overall safety and security of your communities. Between residents and legitimate prospects, you have enough demands on your attention without adding scammers into the mix. Be sure of who you’re talking to before the tour, so fraudsters can’t get a foot in the door.

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AmRent serves the rental housing industry by providing consumer report services. We provide rental housing providers throughout the United States with information they can use to select tenants for their communities. Let's discuss consumer reports, identity verification and income verification.

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Payscore’s new click-to-verify automated income verification service uses its direct connection to over 99% of banks in N. America to maximize your security. By eliminating the pay stub from your workflow Payscore offers true fraud prevention. By delivering a standardized, clear report to your inbox or property management system evaluating 100% bank-verified deposits, Payscore provides the most accurate and easy solution available. Secure, accurate, easy … click-to-verify, only from Payscore.

VeriScreen’s comprehensive tenant screening goes beyond the databases with our advanced Person Search Plus software and verification of hits by skilled research analysts to ensure you receive all criminal records. Our experienced researchers have been providing Landlords & Property Managers with in-depth and compliant tenant reports for over 25 years.

IDScan provides identity verification solutions for a variety of industries, including multifamily properties. Solutions include ID scanning and data capture, age verification, and document authentication. Gated community visitor management software provides frontline security so you know who is on-premises at any time. Check in guests, contractors, and vendors with a handheld ID scanner, creating a date and time-stamped record of each individual who enters your community.

Screening doesn't have to be complex. Simplify your screening needs with Western Reporting. Easily screen prospective residents or employment candidates seamlessly with a software that is built with your needs in mind. All data stored is LEVEL 1 compliant, meeting strict FCRA, HIPAA and offsite backup rules, regulations and standards. Simply put, your information is secure.

Put your applicants in focus with RealScreen. Fight fraud and get a real-time snapshot of your applicants to protect your investment and reduce evictions. RealScreen provide advance background screening delivering better renters with less work.

PetScreening is the industry's first pet policy manager. PetScreening helps streamline assistance animal processes and implement pet policies that allow residential and commercial companies to become more pet-inclusive. All while saving them time and making them more pet-related revenue.

Entrata's ResidentVerify® lets you fold applicant screening smoothly into your leasing process. With multiple screening options, you choose the criteria that best fits your workflow. Remove time-consuming, manual verification processes from your on-site teams. Take advantage of thousands of data sources. Set parameters for when applicants are approved, approved with conditions, or denied. Parameters are applied consistently, giving you flexibility, power, and control.

From identifying potential fraud to screening and evaluating the financial health of renters, our expert solutions can help you every step of the way. With TransUnion’s unparalleled people data and analytics, our customers have access to the most cutting-edge information, resulting in more quality residents and the ability to make clear decisions with complete confidence. ResidentID helps you spot fraud before an applicant moves in.

RentRedi offers complete background checks and tenant screening services. Our partnership with TransUnion provides you with access to full credit, criminal, and eviction history reports for every tenant you screen. Easy to read background checks to find excellent residents.

Choose quality residents with better online screening from Yardi ScreeningWorks Pro. Use a proven tenant screening system featuring comprehensive reports and automated recommendations to select low-risk residents, with optional solutions to instantly verify applicant incomes and identities. Save money and work smarter with a built-in screening process that provides your rental staff with clear, consistent direction and supports your business rules.

At BetterNOI, our accurate and compliant resident screening software combines credit and criminal background checks, verifies applications, and offers an ongoing analysis of previous screening decisions. Our trained verification staff works hand-in-hand with leasing agents to ensure leases are complete and compliant, checking each and every box on your leasing checklist.

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