Touring Technology

Forget the monotony of traditional apartment tours - innovative properties are turning to cutting-edge solutions to make leasing fun. With state-of-the-art platforms, property managers can offer virtual and self-guided tours that give residents an interactive way to explore their potential new homes. From 3D floor plans, to interactive maps, and real-time chat capabilities, streamlining the leasing process has never been easier.

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TouchTour® is a powerful interactive touchscreen designed to empower property managers and leasing teams. Offering a centralized experience for multifamily and senior living properties, even multiple properties at a time, it accelerates leasing velocity, reduces tour times, and simplifies operations. From pre-leasing during construction to creating in-the-moment leads during lease-ups, TouchTour stands as the go-to tech-forward solution for efficient, differentiated, and succes

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Rently offers self-guided tours for rental homes and apartments. Expand your property showing hours and accelerate leasing. Rently provides a convenient and secure way to accommodate 40% of renters who prefer to view properties outside of regular business hours, and automatically responds to property inquires by sending prospects a link to schedule a self-guided tour.

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by Delet

Delet's state-of-art software and equipment offers agents the ability to show properties to potential tenants right from their office or home. Our hardware doesn't require any permanent installation, no smart locks or switches required. Once a property is sold or rented out, the lock and entire system are easy to uninstall and ready to be used again at your next listing.

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Let your prospects see themselves in your community by giving them the opportunity to tour your property on their terms. iApartments Self-guided tours provide the convenience and security that turns prospects into residents while freeing staff time for resident care and retention. Manage inventory so your prospects have the best choices from your available units, and have the confidence and assurance that any site guest has been verified for safety and security.

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LCP Media, a national visual media technology company, delivers unforgettable virtual real estate experiences. Our innovative TourBuilder platform for the multifamily industry lets you create, manage, and analyze digital content in one place. TourBuilder includes virtual tours, photography, analytics, short-form videos, a real-time meeting tool, and integrations with your marketing channels and property management systems.

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by Peek

Create a frictionless experience for prospects and unlock e-commerce leasing with Peek, a single platform for unit-level virtual and self-guided tours. Virtualize your entire community and integrate exact-unit availabilities onto your website to convert more leads. Prospect-level analytics give exact insights on who is interested in what, so your teams can personalize prospect outreach.

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Convert more of your visitors into leases with a guided virtual tour. LeaseMagnets clones your best leasing consultant and tours your virtual prospects afterhours, capturing 150% more leads to close more leases - all on autopilot. Transform your website into your best leasing agent with LeaseMagnets.

Power Pro has the tools for your property to map out the perfect prospect tour. Our best in class iPad leasing system guarantees the most efficient, customer centric experience to influence best practices and close more leases. With real time pricing, availability and guest card integration your leasing teams are sure to be armed for results.


by OneDay

OneDay is the hassle free way for sharing personalized videos that will help you to streamline internal processes, shorten the leasing cycle, and attract and retain top talent. Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple for leasing professionals to leverage high-quality personalized videos to increase efficiency within communities, and keep your residents and employees engaged. Create a memorable connection with prospects, pre and post-tour, to increase your community's close rate.

A brand new way to market multifamily properties. Showcase your community like never before with Helix 360 Tours' state-of-the-art technology and stunning imagery. A Helix Tour is a custom-designed, high-quality, 360° virtual tour of your community. Unlike most virtual tours, Helix Tours offer nearly unlimited customization and advanced features, which allows us to create unique online experiences based on your branding guidelines and marketing strategy.

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With our Virtual Leasing Agent - potential prospects can interact with your leasing team, get their questions answered, and take a tour of the best amenities and floor plans your property has to offer. Engage with website prospects 24/7, and offer the ability to schedule in-person, virtual, or self-guided tours based on your team availability without lifting a finger.

Pynwheel is transforming multifamily property tours, one property at a time. Use Pynwheel Self Tour's scheduler widget or your own to allow prospective residents to schedule a tour, authenticate a credit card, and download the app. Auto-reminders will tell them when to arrive at your property and where to start. Pynwheel Self Tours can rely on traditional lockboxes, or we partner with several leading smart home providers, such as Latch, Dwelo, and RemoteLock.

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by Realync

Realync is multifamily’s complete virtual solution. Realync’s all-in-one video and 360 solution enables multifamily teams to create memorable experiences, lease efficiently and communicate effectively with renters. Utilizing Realync's digital dashboard, users can communicate in real-time via live video, take notes, view interactive maps, and more. Tour files are all recorded and saved on the cloud and can be shared with family, friends, and key decision-makers.

Add convenience and lease more units with self-guided apartment tours that are built into your property marketing platform. Let prospects schedule and enjoy tours at a time and pace that works for them. Prioritize safety with electronic ID verification, digital locks and motion sensors.

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Personalized Video for Multifamily: the SalesMail app lets you send personalized videos via email, text message, and your CRM. Use SalesMail for virtual tours, prospect outreach, resident communications, and so much more. If you're looking to personalize your customer experience, drive more on-site tours, and differentiate yourself from competing properties, SalesMail can help. ​

SmartRent’s self-guided touring technology allows prospective residents and homeowners to safely tour communities and homes with no interaction from property staff needed. Over 60 percent of prospective renters are searching for self tours homes for rent on their mobile devices. Empower them to continue their search through our web-based self-guided tour experience. It saves time and money, providing the ability for prospects to schedule a tour when it is most convenient for them.


by Tour24

Renters want to tour when and how they want, whether that’s after-hours, during the day or on their own, anytime. But how do you provide a rich experience to meet their needs? Tour24 can “give tours” when and how renters prefer – even if it’s after-hours and the leasing office is closed. Plus, Tour24 provides valuable data from the tour. More tours = more leases.

At Pineapple, we're on a mission to make touring and renting an apartment easier for everyone - renters and leasing teams alike. We offer self-guided tours without the need for smart locks. Instead, our key kiosk allows you to use the keys and key fobs that you're already using. As an all-in-one self-guided touring solution, our pre-screening, scheduling, apartment access, web-based navigation, and key-tracking features make staying leased up easier than ever.

Your prospects expect to choose when and how they tour your communities. Whether they prefer an agent-guided, self-guided, video, or virtual tour, the operator’s job is to ensure they can say yes. Anyone Home Property Tours manages the entire touring process for all tour types (in-person, video, self-guided or virtual) from initial inquiry to the execution and lead follow-up.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Touring Technology solutions?

Innovative touring technologies focus on enhancing the leasing experience for prospective residents. These technology platforms allow property managers to offer virtual and self-guided tours that give residents an immersive and interactive way to explore their potential new homes. Touring technologies typically feature 3D floor plans, interactive maps, and real-time chat capabilities that allow residents to ask questions and get instant feedback. By leveraging these advanced touring technologies, multifamily properties can streamline the leasing process, improve operational efficiency, and provide a more engaging and personalized experience for their prospective residents.

What should I consider when comparing Touring Technologies?

When considering touring technology solutions for multifamily properties, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First, it's important to choose a platform that offers a user-friendly and engaging experience for prospective residents. Look for features such as 3D floor plans, virtual and self-guided tours, and real-time chat capabilities. Additionally, consider whether the solution integrates with your existing property management software and whether it offers analytics and reporting to help you track and improve your leasing process. Finally, make sure the platform offers high-quality visuals and is compatible with a variety of devices to ensure a seamless and enjoyable touring experience for all potential residents.

How does Touring Technology make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Touring solutions have revolutionized the apartment leasing process, making it easier and more rewarding for both property managers and prospective residents. By offering a variety of virtual and self-guided tour options, multifamily properties can provide a more convenient and flexible experience for potential renters. These solutions often allow residents to explore and ask questions at their own pace, and ultimately provide a more personalized and engaging experience.