Mystery Shops

Multifamily mystery shopping solutions are designed to enhance both the resident experience and property management efficiency. These tech-enabled services leverage experienced mystery shoppers to simulate real-world interactions to uncover areas of improvement, enhancing customer service and leasing processes through detailed recommendations, competitive benchmarking, and user-friendly reporting interfaces.

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Grace Hill offers robust mystery shopping programs that blend technology with assessment best practices, designed specifically for the multifamily property management industry. Access 30+ training courses tailored to address specific skill gaps identified during your mystery shops, helping you develop a highly skilled leasing team. Learn more at:

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THE INDUSTRY’S ONLY END-TO-END JOURNEY EVALUATION Leverage the best evaluation tool in the industry to gain an unbiased understanding of your prospect experience; from reach to sales conversion. “Journey Reports enable us to answer the deceptively simple question of how we are performing and why-all delivered in an action-inspiring visual format” Josh Fuhrer - Managing Partner @ Citizen Development

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REMA is comprised of a team of top industry veterans whose mission is to help businesses improve their customer experience and increase NOI. Our cutting-edge REMA Report provides our clients with a 360-degree assessment of their business, along with actionable recommendations to improve the resident experience and increase leasing velocity. Our digitized omni channel reporting system was tested globally in residential and retail markets to give you relevant workable intel.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Mystery Shopping solutions?

The best mystery shopping solutions allow property managers to define specific evaluation criteria based on their unique goals and standards. This flexibility ensures that the mystery shopping program aligns with the property's specific objectives and areas of focus. The scenarios chosen should closely mirror real-life interactions that potential or existing tenants would have with the property management team, and interactions with the property management team should be done across various channels, including in-person visits, phone calls, emails, and online inquiries. Comprehensive and easily understandable reporting is crucial, along with performance benchmarks against industry standards or competitors.

What should I consider when comparing Mystery Shopping solutions?

The best mystery shopping solutions in the multifamily real estate industry involve deploying skilled evaluators with prior multifamily experience to interact with communities and property management teams as potential residents. These evaluators simulate real-life scenarios to gauge the quality of customer service, leasing processes, and overall resident experience. Through carefully crafted evaluation criteria, mystery shoppers assess factors such as staff friendliness, property cleanliness, response time to inquiries or maintenance requests, adherence to leasing policies, competitive intel, and the effectiveness of marketing efforts - and provide valuable recommendations for how to improve.

How do Mystery Shops make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

The feedback collected from Mystery Shopping solutions provides valuable insights to property owners and management companies, helping them identify areas for improvement and refine their resident-focused strategies. Mystery shopping solutions enable operators to enhance their leasing process, optimize resident interactions, and maintain consistent service standards. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in customer service and operational processes, mystery shopping can elevate resident satisfaction, increase retention, and ultimately drive the success of multifamily real estate ventures.