Mystery Shops

Multifamily mystery shopping solutions are designed to enhance both the resident experience and property management efficiency. These tech-enabled services leverage experienced mystery shoppers to simulate real-world interactions to uncover areas of improvement, enhancing customer service and leasing processes through detailed recommendations, competitive benchmarking, and user-friendly reporting interfaces.

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See your property and team through the eyes of your prospects and residents with Mystery Shopping by Grace Hill. Our easy-to-administer mystery shopping programs are designed for multifamily property managers to deliver timely, unbiased performance assessments. Access 30+ training courses tailored to address specific skill gaps identified during your mystery shops, helping you develop a highly skilled leasing team. Learn more at

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REMA is comprised of a team of top industry veterans whose mission is to help businesses improve their customer experience and increase NOI. Our cutting-edge REMA Report provides our clients with a 360-degree assessment of their business, along with actionable recommendations to improve the resident experience and increase leasing velocity. Our digitized omni channel reporting system was tested globally in residential and retail markets to give you relevant workable intel.

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