Maintenance Technology

Picture this: you're a busy community manager juggling a gazillion things at once, and then comes a maintenance emergency that needs fixing ASAP. Enter maintenance technologies to the rescue. These tech solutions help your residents easily submit work orders while your maintenance techs update progress in real-time. Plus, web-based dashboards can give you a bird's eye view of all your work orders and AI-powered predictive tools can help prevent future issues, to effortlessly manage maintenance requests.

Speed up turns and reduce costs with Yardi Maintenance IQ. Get complete visibility into your apartment maintenance operations. Streamline unit turns and rehabs and integrate procurement to reduce vacancy days and increase net rental income. Reduce unit turn times and costs with a tool that lets staff complete work orders and inspections in the field.

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Meet AppWork, a simple and user-friendly maintenance management system built for multifamily communities. AppWork's comprehensive platform incorporates all aspects of property maintenance—work orders, make-readies, inspections, preventative maintenance, technician management, incident reports, and vendor management. With many unique features (like advanced automation, AI, ratings, and gamification), AppWork aims to increase performance, efficiency, and happiness within maintenance teams.

Discover the easiest way to get hard stuff done with SightPlan Work. Automate work orders and service requests by assigning and escalating maintenance tasks based on consistent rules. Mobile maintenance helps you accomplish more on the go with our friendly, easy-to-use interface on mobile and tablet devices.

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Seamless resident communication without resident logins. SuiteSpot equips rental real estate operators with the modern tools to address today's and tomorrow’s maintenance and capital project challenges.

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Streamlines your maintenance and facilities processes. Technicians can quickly assign work orders and make-readies, complete inspections, convert failed inspections to service requests, and perform move-in and move-outs by phone. Helps property managers and owner operators establish maintenance standards, measure technician performance, manage assets with detailed reports and automate make ready and preventative maintenance processes.

With Entrata’s InspectionManager™, you can manage inspections of every unit, building, and amenity. If service is required during the inspection process, a work order is automatically created and sent to the maintenance staff. Perform inspections with your iPad, smartphone, or tablet. Make notes and take pictures of items that need attention, all while you’re out on the property. Upload pictures and sign off digitally once you’ve completed a walkthrough.

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Leonardo247 is a leading multifamily property operations and maintenance platform, dedicated to delivering operational efficiency at scale. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for multifamily owners and operators, ranging from preventative maintenance, risk management, and unit turn processes. Our latest innovation, a remote maintenance platform, enhances resident and technician satisfaction with 24/7 maintenance support. Seamlessly integrating with the industry’s top property management

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Onsite management solutions to optimize your operations! Simplify property operations from lead, to lease, to renewal—and everything in between. Happy Products include Maintenance, Resident Portal, and CRM.

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by Mezo

Mezo takes the guesswork out of property maintenance so technicians can fix a resident’s problem in one trip. Intelligent intake means technicians trust they have the complete work orders they need to make quick decisions, bring the right parts, and operate with certainty. Whether you're exploring the centralization of resources for the first time or you’re wanting more visibility into your maintenance operations, let us help your team find ways to gain control of your maintenance operations.

Faciligo provides software that supports your turn, renovation, due diligence and maintenance processes. Improve your multifamily property operations process and resident experience through our intuitive and intelligent platform. From service requests, to work orders, to turn boards, and inspections, Faciligo supports the entire operational process.

InCheck by SiteCompli is the premier work management platform for property management teams. From onsite inspections to preventive maintenance routines and more, InCheck uses smart automation for faster work assignment, better performance, and maximum oversight across your portfolio.

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We help multifamily operators collect and apply their maintenance data to increase NOI.

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Everything you need to transform property maintenance operations. SuiteSpot equips rental real estate operators with the modern tools to address today's and tomorrow’s maintenance and capital project challenges.

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Tenants, owners, and vendors have a constant stream of 24/7 needs that make it nearly impossible for you and your team to work "on" the business. You don't have the time or budget to create focus for your team AND meet the high needs of your customers. Latchel shields property managers and their teams from having to constantly jump in and out of customer issues while also enabling them to deliver top notch experiences to customers and increase business revenues. We understand that most of the pressing 24/7 needs come from maintenance, so Latchel focuses on handling 24/7 emergencies according to property manager and owner rules & preferences, a full maintenance coordination engine enabling property managers to stay on top of work orders and know exactly what's going on, plus a suite of benefits for residents designed to eliminate friction and bill disputes between residents and owners. Latchel's software can enable invoicing, estimates and approvals, owner, resident, and vendor + in-house team scheduling and communication, maintenance task + workflow management, video communication, and a robust analytics platform that gives you the visibility into exactly how you're performing and where your opportunities to improve are.

Elevate your maintenance with ServusConnect. Simple to use and integrated directly with your PMS, ServusConnect takes your maintenance operations to the next level with features like mobile maintenance, resident notifications & surveys, and tailored inspections. Implementing a paper-less work order process has never been easier. And our intuitive digital make-ready tool helps your teams stay on top of the turn-over process and get units back online faster.

zInspector is the most collaborative field-to-office property inspection solution for the property management, real estate, and construction trades. Your zInspector mobile app makes photos, videos, and inspection reports and documents automatically available to your entire team via smartphone, tablet, and computer. This powerful inspection capability is complemented by a robust set of task management tools to offer the most assistive and customizable property management toolkit on the market.

RentCheck's property inspection platform makes inspections easier. RentCheck saves time by enabling residents to complete inspections on their own. Customization and automation ensure the job gets done. Schedule inspections and automate reminders for all stages of the lease-cycle at any cadence you choose. Standardize your inspection process, save money, work smarter, and manage more units with RentCheck.

Property Meld is multifamily maintenance software that gives property managers complete oversight into the maintenance process. By streamlining maintenance with Property Meld's customizable automation, we’re freeing up more time for property managers to focus on what matters most. Real-time operational metrics, next-level communication tools, and automated troubleshooting is just the tip of the iceberg of what our powerful software can provide.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key features of the best Maintenance Technology solutions?

The best multifamily maintenance technologies have features that allow teams to easily track maintenance requests and schedules, quickly assign tasks to maintenance technicians or contractors, and communicate with residents about their requests. A mobile app that allows maintenance staff to receive and update work orders in real-time can reduce response times and increase efficiency. Analytics and reporting features can help property managers optimize their maintenance operations and identify areas for improvement.

What should I consider when comparing Maintenance Technology solutions?

Maintenance technologies that prioritize user-friendliness and ease of implementation are top rated. Features that streamline work orders and communication between maintenance teams and residents, mobile accessibility, reporting and analytics capabilities, and integration with core property management systems are key considerations. By carefully weighing these factors, operators can select a maintenance technology solutions that meets their specific needs and helps optimize their maintenance operations.

How does Maintenance Technology make renting apartments easier and more rewarding?

Maintenance technologies make renting apartments easier and more rewarding by streamlining maintenance workflows and providing real-time visibility into maintenance tasks. With these technologies, property managers can quickly create, assign, and track work orders, reducing response times and increasing resident satisfaction. Maintenance technologies also help identify recurring issues and prioritize maintenance tasks based on urgency and importance. This improves the overall health and safety of the property and reduces risk.